There is a lot to gain from getting a swimming pool. It’s like building a paradise oasis in your own home, where you and your family can spend hours of relaxation and fun. However, you need to go into this investment with your eyes open. A swimming pool in Houston will cost you, and not just upfront. Expect monthly swimming pool payments and expenses to add at least $300 a month to your regular financial obligations. You need to factor this into your decision to build a pool. There are financing options to help you out, of course. But, you must also plan for your monthly expenses.

This is very important when you want years of enjoying your pool. Knowing from the get-go what you’re getting into financially can make a very big difference.


Financing Options

When you set out to build your residential pool, you’ll find that many Houston pool builders offer financing options. You have many choices here, including Premier Pools and Spas swimming pool payments financing option.

Typically, you can finance anything between $5,000 to $100,000. Rates depend on your credit score and the number of swimming pool payment years. For instance, if you get $25,000 financed, at 5% for 15 years, you are looking at paying $200 each month.

Talk to your pool builder about your options. An experienced one will have a good grasp of the best available financing in your area.

Pool Maintenance

Another area where you can expect to spend regularly is pool maintenance.

First thing here is the equipment that you need to run regularly for a clean and comfortable pool. This includes your pool pump and heater. During peak pool season, wherein you need to run your equipment according to schedule, you’d see around a $100 spike on your monthly electricity bill. Add pool chemicals to the mix, for which you need around $50 each month.

If you decide to hire a professional pool cleaner, add at least $100 to your monthly costs.

To Pool or Not To Pool

This should not discourage you from getting your dream pool. If anything, it should be a guide in planning for your pool. Swimming pool payments, monthly maintenance costs and financing are part and parcel of a pool owner’s responsibility.

Swimming Pool Financing Calculator

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