How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost?

Thinking about how much does a pool cost? That’s quite like asking how much does a home cost? There’s no easy answer. Inground pool costs hinge on so many different points that the only real way to determine the true price is to get an estimate from your local Premier Pools & Spas representative.

But before you give us a call, it helps to do some initial homework ahead of time. First, so you can get a ballpark price of an inground pool, and determine if you can afford a basic pool. And second, to work out a rough outline of the sort of things a pool builder is going to discuss that determine the cost of the inground pool, so that you can be ready to tell your salesperson what you want. That’s the end goal of this page – to give you the tools you need to begin the process of getting your own inground pool.

Average Inground Pools Cost – ($20,000 – 50,000)

Please consider that this is a rough ballpark figure, you can expect to pay $20,000-50,000 for an inground pool. Of course, that’s factoring a pool of normal size, in a normal city with the normal cost of living, normal extras, and normal materials.

Of course, you’re probably unique, aren’t we all? Things that Might Raise (or Decrease) the Cost of an Inground Pool. Here’s a list of things that determine the final price of installing an inground pool.

Pool Size

The size of the pool is the crucial point in factoring how much a pool costs. Expect to pay around $50 per square foot.

Pool Depth

Customers that want a deeper pool can expect to pay more, that’s going to require additional labor material and digging. On the other hand, if you’re building a shallow pool, the cost will be much less.

Pool Materials

The materials you use to line your pool play a huge role in factoring cost. Gunite (concrete) and fiberglass are top shelf premium materials, and will cost much more than vinyl.

how much does an inground pool cost

The Area Where You Live

Typically the price varies state by state, the higher the cost of living in your neighborhood, the more you will have to pay. Also, you will have to pay for permits, which could be a big cost depending on the city or county where you reside. This can determine how much an inground pool costs.

Custom Pool Shapes

If you want a non-standard freeform shape for your pool, you can expect to pay more than for a standard shape pool.

inground pool cost

Pool Features You May Want or Need

We’re not exaggerating when we say that extra features can easily cost more than the actual pool. Here are a list of pool features that can quickly add up.


This isn’t strictly part of what an inground pool cost, but it’s something to seriously consider. If you don’t already have an enclosed yard, you’ll need to get one. Otherwise, your pool poses a danger to children and pets in your neighborhood, and you open yourself up to liability.

Diving boards

The cost of diving boards isn’t incidental, as they can run $400 or more. Also keep in mind that if you want a higher diving board, you will need a deeper pool – which costs more money.


Similar to diving boards, slides will add a non-trivial amount to the cost of your pool.


Obviously, adding a spa to your inground pool seriously raises the price. However, for many people, a spa is a must-have whose cost must be factored in from the get-go. Just imagine getting out of your pool and dipping into the warm sensation of your spa.


There are all sorts of lighting configurations you can get with inground swimming pools. If you’re planning to swim at night, this is likely to be a key concern for you.

inground pool cost calculator

Obviously, you could go insane with all sorts of other add-ons – kiddie pools, sheer descents, waterfalls, alcoves, or even something like a Hidden Water Cave. These types of features will increase the cost of your inground pool, but for those with a larger budget, it’s equally rewarding to spoil yourself and your family on the finer things in life.

So, does that help determine how much an inground pool costs?

There’s one key variable in determining the cost of a swimming pool that’s simply not possible to ignore – timeliness. Like everything else, pool prices can and do change. That’s why, if you find a blog post on pool installation costs from a few years ago, you’re likely to get different info from website to website.

As recently as a couple of years ago, prices for new swimming pools were slashed due to the lingering effects of the Housing Recession. Since 2014, housing prices have been on the incline and will probably continue trending that way for the next few years. With the economy and housing market improving more and more, it’s unlikely that the cost of a pool is going to decrease as they are somewhat correlative.

In other words, if you’ve been thinking about buying a pool, acting sooner will probably save you money.

The Next Step – Getting Started!

Hopefully by reading this post you’ve got a place to start. If you’re ready, feel free to contact us for a free estimate. We’ll schedule a time to come visit your backyard and provide you with a 3D rendering video walkthrough of what your new pool could look like.

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