Ready to extend the time you spend in your backyard pool in SW Louisiana with inground pool lights. Select between lights that change color or warm and cool colors. The choices for pool lights might appear limitless, but they are a budget-saving and obvious way to transform a backyard pool needing a renovation. Envision returning home and turning a switch on to a sparkling, appealing pool. Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana has all you need to install or update a pool illuminating system, which includes extra bulbs, automation devices, and niches.

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Elements to Think About in Inground Pool Lights Design:

  • Balancing between dark and bright spots
  • The pool’s texture, color, and shape
  • Lighting of swimmers, pool objects, floor, and walls
  • Pool water’s clarity
  • Light up the pool water itself
  • Ambient illuminating in the vicinity
  • The lights color value (utilizing multi-color lighting)

LED Pool Lights

These types of lights make a wonderful addition to any inground swimming pool. This is because they are low-cost and energy-efficient while offering amazing illumination for your outdoor space. These pool lights are available in nearly all colors along with self-changing. You’ll be able to customize the lighting to suit your ambiance and mood.

Landscape Lighting

While swimming pool lighting usually focuses primarily on underwater lighting, you should also ensure your pool’s surrounding area is properly lit up. Add lights into the hardscapes like pathways, steps, deck, and throughout the landscape in and around plants and trees. The extra illumination is not only an added safety measure but might help to keep light-seeking insects away from your pool water.

inground pool lights

Highlighting Special Features

Smaller sized, bright lights are great for lighting up special features in your outdoor space, like jets, spas, fountains, and steps. Though the inground pool lights are small, they are dynamic and have a considerable effect on the visual appeal of your backyard oasis at night.

Solar Pool Lighting

These lights are also a good addition to the pool and outdoor space inground since they are quite bright in a pool area. Inground pool lights are powerful that they can illuminate your pool’s surface. This will generate a charming appearance and mood for landscape while helping you save in energy costs.

Think About the Area Around your Pool

It’s important to have underwater lighting, but so is the well-being and safety of those around it. It’s great if you focus on the underwater lights first. But keep in mind that the walkways and background also require some illuminating to prevent mishaps. You don’t have to put very bright lights, just soft illumination to make the space easy to cross.

Best Inground Pool Lights

Probably you’ve installed lights in your inground swimming pool. But ever thought of updating them? If you do not already have LED lights, you can try them. These pool lights add longevity and brightness while making use of minimal energy to help you save money.

inground pool lights

Inground Pool Lights – Hire Premier Pools & Spas

Our inground pool light installation service takes care of lighting around, outside and inside your backyard oasis. Also, we provide pool lighting updates if you’re fed up with your look. We, at Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana, will help bring to life your pool lighting ideas. We offer pool light repair service also if you have broken-down inground pool lights installed. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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