Kids’ pool parties are a good choice when you’re hosting your young one’s friends for an occasion. Whether you’re marking the end of the school year or are celebrating a birthday, a kid pool party is a convenient and economical way for you to host in your SW Louisiana backyard pool. Not only are you able to keep the children outdoors, which helps keep your home clean and tidy, but you can also allow them to entertain themselves mostly while they drift around and have fun in the swimming pool.

kid pool party

Here are some ideas to host an amazing and fun kid pool party in your backyard pool.

1. Invitations:

Starting with the invitation cards that you send out, you can choose a theme that will get the children thrilled and interested in the kid pool party. Keeping with the summer season theme you might want to consider focusing on Hawaiian decor and come up with your own luau. An outdoor barbecue theme is another great idea.

2. Games:

Children often get bored easily so you’ll want to include some swimming pool games available. You will be amazed how much excitement even older children will have with something such as Sponge Tag. You can float objects around the swimming pool to see who is fast to collect them, host diving contests off the diving board and even races where you get to award prizes.

3. Choose a fun theme:

You can find lots of fun and captivating themes to select from. A theme will help set the tone of the kid pool party. For example, you can consider themes such as Finding Nemo, mermaids, Hawaiian luau, jungle or pirates. You can even try themes in specific color scheme, whichever theme you select, make sure to give your all.

kid pool party

4. Food:

After the children attending your kid pool party have had all the fun, you’ll want to feed their hungry stomachs. Fortunately, hosting a kid pool party is simple with regards to food choice. You can grill some burgers and hot dogs and prepare some simple sides such as baked beans, fruit salad, and macaroni salad. If you’re keeping with a theme think about getting some meals revolving around that theme.

5. Pool toys:

There are lots of fun pool toys available nowadays, and they can offer never-ending entertainment for children. Select colors that go with your color scheme, or pool floats that complement your theme. Whether you select water guns, pool noodles, pool floats or diving sticks, children can have a blast.

6. Festive drinks:

You’re hosting children for this kid pool party but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have some festive poolside drinks to help the kids remain hydrated. You can make a few different punches and buy some cheap festive cups. Include a few things like fun straws or paper umbrellas. The children will think they are drinking a very classy beverage, which will be one of many simplistic yet enjoyable kid pool party ideas.

kid pool party

Want to Throw a Kid Pool Party in Your Own Pool?

There are lots of options for a fun kid pool party. If you do not yet own a swimming pool, this is the time to consider pool ownership. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of SW Louisiana today!

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