Think You Can’t Fit a Pool In Your Yard? Consider a Small Pool!

Inground Pools for Small Yards

Many people think that a swimming pool is not an option due to their limited space, lack of desire to have high-maintenance pool, or having to choose between a spa and a pool. If you find yourself in that group of people, perhaps small pools are for you! What exactly is a small pool, or “spool”? It’s a pool that is smaller than a typical pool and flexible enough for all seasons and activities. Though they’re typically found in smaller, restrained lots, small pools can be a perfect fit in any yard. Often times, the pool is built to be deep enough and cool for relaxation during the warmer months, but also, the small pool can be turned into a spa (or spool) in the cooler times of year.

Small Space? Try a Spool!

Do you have limited space for a swimming pool? Not to worry! Have you ever thought about a “Spool”? What is a “Spool”, you may be asking. Well, a spool is a small pool that we fit almost anywhere. They’re also typically less expensive than a normal sized pool in most markets. Does it get cold during winter? Not when you get heating installed in your amazing spa at home!