Vinyl Pools

The only type of pool that offers the ease of installation similar to fiberglass – and the customization edge of gunite – is the vinyl liner pool.

Vinyl pools are budget-friendly, and building a vinyl pool it takes no longer than 4-8 weeks on average. While a vast majority of these pools are rectangular, you have unlimited options in designs, shapes, and sizes.

Choosing to build vinyl pools means installing a custom-made vinyl liner sheet onto a pool wall structure and erecting it using galvanized steel or thermoplastic panels. With the added flexibility offered by steel walls, a vinyl pool is an excellent addition to your backyard.

Premier Pools & Spas is a nationwide inground pool-building company that has been in the business of turning backyard dreams into reality since 1988. Our excellence in building vinyl, fiberglass, and gunite pools and the backing of a licensed and well-qualified team has helped us stay among the top 10 positions for numerous years.

Vinyl Pools & Designs

The Vinyl Pool Building Process

A vinyl pool floor rests on a sand or cement bottom, whereas the walls are supported around the pool perimeter from behind. This is so that it does not bow out or buckle against the water.

Phase 1. Excavation: We excavate the site, remove the dirt, and verify the pool elevation.

Phase 2. Pool Wall Panels: The pool walls are installed with galvanized steel, wood, concrete, or polymer material.

Phase 3. Concrete and Plumbing: We run the plumbing lines and pour concrete footing (about eight inches deep) around the pool.

Phase 4. Pump and Filter: The main drains, plumbing, and pool equipment are set up.

Phase 5. Base and Backfill: We trowel the base material mix and lay down the pool bottom over the exposed earth on which the liner rests. Next, we install the coping and backfill the pool.

Phase 6. Vinyl Liner Installation: The liner bead is inserted into the wall panel-mounted track, upon which it snaps into place. The vinyl liner is vacuumed carefully to prevent air leaks.

Phase 7. Filling the Pool: Water is filled, and the automatic pool cover is installed.

Phase 8. Deck Installation: Concrete is poured around the pool for stamped or stone patio. We then install the permanent fence and pool landscaping.

Phase 9. Water Chemistry: Before we start your pool, we check and balance the pool water chemistry and then run the filtration system.