If you have not learned how to close your pool and aren’t confident you can do it properly, you could be costing yourself time and money. When you close your pool improperly, you may find your pool ridden with impurities and looking less than desirable when you open it in the spring. In this article, we are going to talk with you about how to close your pool properly.

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Close Your Pool Without Making Mistakes

#1 Mistake – Not Covering Your Pool

You may think that covering your pool is not necessary when you close your pool, but you should know it is necessary. You need to make sure that you find a cover for your pool and you need to make sure you find a cover that fits your pool properly. Even if it covers the pool, it may not be the right cover for your pool. When you close your pool, you want it to be as tight and well fitted as possible. This will make it more difficult for small animals and debris to get into your pool.

#2 Mistake – Draining Your Pool

It is very rare that pools need to be drained completely. Those of you that have vinyl-lined above-ground pool should leave it full for the winter because it will protect the vinyl liner from shrinking as well as other things that could damage the pool. This also protects again wind damage that could happen to above ground pools.

close your pool

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It is true that in-ground pools are pretty safe from the wind, there are other challenges. When the temperature goes down, the ground starts to freeze and expand. This puts pressure on your pool’s walls from the outside. This weight and force from the water inside your pool counteract the pressure that is coming from the ground outside your pool. This means if you drain your in-ground pool, it may experience cracking or even a cave in when the ground freezes.

#3 – Mistake – Ignoring Snow, Ice & Piles of Leaves

Make sure you are paying attention to the leaves, ice, and snow that could be around your pool. While you may think that you are free and clear once you have your pool closed off, that is just the beginning when you close your pool. You need to pay attention and make sure nothing gets on top of your pool cover and causes damage. You can’t just leave your pool unattended.

Close Your Pool Conclusion

close your pool

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Now that you know about these three costly mistakes that can happen when you close your pool, make sure that you do not make them. Protect your investment and make sure that you do the right thing for your climate as well. There are different measures to take in different areas so make sure you call your local pool professional and ask them to help you through the process. We will be glad to help you understand any missing points in your pool closing procedures and will be glad to help you with any additions that you need in spring.

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