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Looking for hot tubs and installation in Long Island? Premier Pools & Spas of Long Island is one of the largest dealers of Dimension One Spas and Hot Tubs. Premier Pools & Spas carries a wide variety of Spas and Hot Tubs including some of the more popular lines on the market today. As you navigate our website, it's easier to narrow your selection and find the right spa or hot tub for your backyard. Transform tension into rejuvenation each time you ease into your hot tub. Look no further than Premier Pools & Spas for a wide selection of Hot Tubs. We carry the complete Dimension One line of spas & hot tubs.

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Looking for The Perfect Swim Spa?

Everyone can enjoy the AquaFit no matter if you are a beginner or advanced swimmer. This exercise pool has swim jets that can be adjusted to a lower current for the beginner learning to swim. Or adjust for a more powerful current for the advanced swimmer to get the workout they desire. Let the kids swim and play while you enjoy a hydrotherapy massage. AquaFit provides ample room for swimming and hydrotherapy seats for relaxation.

Hydrotherapy From a Bay Collection Spa

Dimension Spas are the highest quality, provide outstanding features, and a fantastic range of products. With hydrotherapy becoming all the rage, Dimension Spas builds a spa for every budget. One of the wisest investments you can make if you’re looking to promote good health with hydrotherapy for Arthrititic Pain, Type 2 Diabetes, Stress Relief and a restful nights sleep.

Renew, Restore, and Reconnect

Start each and every day with a fresh point of view. The benefits that can be attributed to spending time in a hot tub or spa are undeniable. When you use a hot tub to focus on your own well being, you experience a positive change and transformation everytime you immerse yourself. Tension is released, muscles recover, and your mind clears as you calm yourself in the soothing, healing waters of your Dimension One hot tub.