This article suggests pool maintenance tips such as elucidating how long you must wait before taking a dip after shocking the water.

Thorough cleaning is a critical part of maintaining that stunning and luxurious pool. Call it shocking the water or even super chlorination; there are several techniques to clean your pool. For the uninitiated, this is executed by introducing 3 to 5 times the usual quantity of chlorine. However, as a result, the water has a high level of chlorine making it unsuitable for a dip.

pool maintenance tips

The Shocking Strategy to Adopt

For starters, you should know that shocking your pool is an extreme measure and not something you should undertake frequently. That being said, there will be times when it is a must such as after a storm has ravaged it or you may have been away for a few days or weeks. Most pool owners equip their homes with salt water generators to regularly scrutinize chemical levels. This ensures shocking becomes an occasional cleaning method.

The Specifics of Swimming After Shocking

Are you wondering how long after shocking the pool must you wait to get into the waters? Well, you should know that pool maintenance tips dictate that it depends on the type of chemical you used in the process.

  1. Using pH, Alkalinity and Clarifier

If you use a blend of these then you can enter the pool after at least 60 minutes of introducing water to level out the excess chemicals.

  1. Using Calcium Chloride to Elevate Calcium Hardness

This process takes long until the water is safe for you to take a plunge. So wait between three to four hours after you cleanse the water to step in for a swim.

  1. The General Wait For those Using Liquid Chlorinepool maintenance tips

If you have used chlorine in the water, it is safe for you to take a dip as soon as the chemical level comes to 5 ppm. This usually happens a day after the cleansing. However, based on the size of the pool and depth of the water, you may be using less chemical in which case you could take a dip after 4 hours. To be safe, ascertain that the level dips to 5 ppm or lower.

  1. Using Algaecide

This can be a quick cleaning fix for it makes the water pristine and fit for a swim as early as 15 minutes after adding it in the water. It is usually used when there is excess algae growth in your water. Since it is a mild chemical, it is relatively harmless.

  1. For Those Using Muriatic Acidpool maintenance tips

One must proceed with caution when choosing to use muriatic acid. This is primarily because this concoction is harsh and tends to make hot spots in the pool. This means you could get scalded burnt should you happen to have sensitive skin. Simply avoiding the pool for the next 30 minutes after use ensures it is safe for a swim!

Arm yourself with these pool maintenance tips to ensure that your waters are safe and clean making them ideal for the perfect swim!