If your Louisville pool is beginning to look outdated, you don’t have to just put up with it. Breathing new life into swimming pools in Louisville can be as easy as incorporating new design features or as intricate as changing the depth and shape of the pools. Pool owners’ options are only as limited as their imagination.

Swimming Pools

There are lots of wonderful features that homeowners can use to improve their ordinary swimming pools, including:


Incorporating structures during your swimming pool renovation, like a Pool Room, Gazebo or Pergola, can add another dimension to the functionality of your pool area. Structures tend to make the area more gorgeous, exciting and even useful. Structures at the edge of swimming pools can offer shade from the summer season heat. They can also form a spot for relaxation and a landscaping feature.

Pool resurfacing – Changing the look of Louisville swimming pools

This is not the least expensive choice by any means; however, resurfacing a pool can be a standard strategy to use your renovating budget. The benefit is, it enhances your pool’s overall feel and look.

If your existing pool has a simple plaster finish, an upgrade can make your swimming pool look more modern. Many of the sought after options that people select nowadays are an aggregate finish. It is available in different shades and integrates shells, stones, and other materials that offer gorgeous and stunning swimming pools once done.

Swimming Pools

Add a spa

A custom inground spa can bring romance and relaxation to your outdoor space the whole year. Spas can be built in combination with swimming pools, or totally standalone. The design choices for spas are limitless as the choices for custom swimming pools.

Water features

Adding a water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall, will complement your swimming pool remodeling. Water features are available in a variety of styles. These features offer limitless variations and whatever your ideas might be, Premier Pools, Louisville pool builders will help you transform your ideas into a reality.

LED lighting

If you already have a basic floodlight or other simple swimming pool lighting, think about updating to LED lights? These are more energy saving than almost every traditional swimming pool lighting choices. There is most likely no inexpensive choice to transform ordinary Louisville swimming pools into elegant and bright pools. You can install LED lights below the level of your pool water. Also, you can install them anywhere in the swimming pool area, and the good thing, they are available in a range of colors. They make it very simple to incorporate your own sense of style to the ambiance of your backyard oasis.

Swimming Pools

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