As much as you have enjoyed great moments in your pool this summer, fall is around the corner, and you want the fun to continue. Pool maintenance is a constant responsibility of the pool owner. You need to ensure that the water is balanced and safe for you and your family until winter comes. When you maintain your pool during fall, you can avoid damage to your pool, and it will be ready for use when summer comes.

Here are some pool maintenance tips to help you keep your pool clean and safe this fall:

Water chemistry balance

During summer your pool needs more chemicals. This is because the pool is mostly in use and there is high evaporation. Remember that during fall this is hardly the case in fall. Use fewer chemical and monitor the water chemistry.

Water heater

If you decide to use your pool during fall, you will need to heat the water. If you have not installed it, you can call the pool company and get a quote for an installation. If you already have a heater for your pool, call a professional to ensure that the heater is working correctly.

Trim hedges and trees

Leaves and old branches will begin to fall when autumn arrives. If left unchecked, the twigs and branches might fall into the pool and puncture holes in your pool liner or cover. Trim the trees, hedges, and shrubs to avoid this and reduce your workload.

Skim the pool

As the leaves begin to fall in autumn, you need to skim your pool regularly. This will prevent staining on your pool walls and floor. Also regularly empty the pump basket and skimmer box.

Close the pool

Once the water gets too cold close the pool with your pool cover. On the day you place the cover:

  • Add chlorine and algaecide to the water. Run the pump for 24 hours to mix the chemicals well in the water. This will keep algae from forming when the pool is not in use.
  • Drain all water from the pool heater, filter, and pump. If water is left in this during winter, it will expand and might cause costly damage.
  • Drain the water to at least 4 inches below the skimmer.
  • Clean out your shed of any leftover chemicals.
  • Cover the pool.

Keep the pool cover clean

Regularly clean the pool cover by hosing it down to remove debris. Inspect it for holes, tears, and rips and fix them before they become major concerns.

Clean the filters

When cleaning the filters follow the instructions closely. Different types of filters are cleaned differently. Typically, cartridge filters will need to be cleaned in a chemical bath annually. De filters should be cleaned with a hose annually and then soaked in a pool filter cleaner. Remove oil deposits from sand filters by soaking them in a sand filter cleaner.

pool maintanance


Pool maintenance during fall should not be difficult for any homeowner. Pump and filter use is low as well as the need for chemicals. However, some aspects such as placing the pool cover might not be easy, and you should call in a professional to do this. This will ensure that your pool is ready for use the next season and protect your investment.

Maintaining your pool in Temecula this fall

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