If you find pool care to be complicated and frustrating, there is help. In this article, you will learn how you can make your pool care easier in Coachella Valley. Instead of worrying about your pool and coming out to algae infestations, you can feel confident in your pool skills and get excited about swimming in your sparkling pool.

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Making Pool Care a Snap

There are simple things that you can do to make pool care easier in Coachella Valley, CA. Instead of frustrating yourself trying to figure out complicated pool science, learn these few tips to make your life easier.

Shower Before Swimming

If you are itching to get into the pool, don’t scratch that itch too fast. Take a quick shower before you get in the pool. Each time you go into the pool, you are introducing bacteria into the water. You do not want to do this if you can keep it from happening and showering before you swim will play an important part in keeping your pool clean.

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Brushing Pool Walls & Floors

The same as brushing your teeth, it is very important for your pool. Making sure that your pool is properly brushed, so there is no build up coming on the pool, is important. While you may not notice much difference when you are brushing, you would notice a difference if you weren’t brushing.

Bacteria, organic debris and other unwanted visitors love attaching themselves to physical structures in your pool. You may not be able to see them without a microscope, but they are still there infesting your water so get to brushing for proper pool care. About once a week will do.

Balance Your pH Levels

One of the common problems you may encounter with pool care is not having the ability to manage your pool’s pH level. Since it is such a dynamic equation with multiple variables it can be confusing. If you are not good with chemistry, you may want to find someone else to help you with this, whether it be a pool service professional or a friend that is well versed.

Vacuuming & Skimming the Pool

Dallas residential pool serviceThe less debris that you have in your pool the better. Even having one leaf in the pool is using up free chlorine that could be protecting your pool. Keeping your pool free from even small debris is going to help you in the fight against bacteria and a cloudy or green pool.

Waiting around for a month to clean out your pool means that you are going to require chemical corrections and if you can keep your pool clean and not have to worry about it, that makes your life easier in the long run. Pick up your vacuum and skimmer when you walk outside and take a little time to do some pool care activities to save yourself a lot of time, effort and money.


Pool care doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you live in Coachella Valley. Getting these above processes to work for you will make your life much easier. There are also alternative options for pool care, like hiring a pool service. Premier Pools & Spas just recently announced their new sister company which is Premier Pool Service. We have service franchises throughout Texas and California. If you are looking for a pool service company in Coachella Valley, Ca,  you are in luck! We’re a dedicated pool service company that is looking to help you keep your swimming pool clean.

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