May is National Water Safety Month! Backyards and swimming pool fun are usually linked to carefree hot months; however, it is essential to keep in mind that safety needs to be your first main concern when you are around or in water. At Premier Pool & Spas, we are devoted to helping our customers stay safe while having fun in their stunning pools. Below are a few ideas to help keep safety on the minds of your entire family during National Water Safety Month, and also the rest of the hot months.

water safety

water safety

Learn to Swim

Learning how to swim is an important life skill that must be learned by both adults and kids. Many people of all ages learn how to swim using the Red Cross Program every year. These programs have water safety topics and have videos and games to help children retain essential swimming know-how.

Get the Children Involved

There are many methods to educate your children regarding water safety while allowing them to have a great time when learning. The Water Safety coloring and activity book is a superb means for kids to gain knowledge of staying safe in the water.

Ensuring kids, parents, and caregivers all fully grasp the dangers related to being in and around the water are vital. The Water Safety Month campaign gives us extra opportunities to stress the significance of learning to swim and being able to carry out CPR.

You may also motivate your little one to take the Safe Swimmers Pledge, which has a certificate that they can sign and display in their rooms to remind them of their dedication to staying safe inside and around the water.

water safety

Water Safety Tips

  • You should always have an emergency contact information, first aid kit and phone by the swimming pool.
  • You should always avoid potential disruptions and stay within arm’s reach of young kids.
  • Be skilled at carrying out CPR on adults and kids and upgrade those skills frequently.
  • Keep kids away from swimming pool pipes, drains, and other openings to prevent accidents.
  • A tall fence should be installed around swimming pools and spas and use self-latching and self-closing gates.
  • You should swim in designated parts closely watched by lifeguards.
  • You should always swim with a friend
  • Never leave children unsupervised near water
  • Have unskilled swimmers or young kids put on life jackets around water; however, you should not count on life jackets alone.
  • You can come up with water safety rules for your loved ones and ensure to put them into force.
  • You should put on a life jacket when you go boating
  • Stay away from alcohol. Alcohol impairs coordination, decreases the ability of the body to stay warm; and affects diving and swimming skills.

In this Water Safety Month, everyone has an opportunity to have knowledge of safe swimming practices. Aquatic facilities operated by recreation and public park departments play the key role in teaching community members regarding safe swimming practices. Such public facilities can be found all across the country and can reach a large audience with the essential information on water safety.

We hope you have a fun and safe swimming season!

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