What Should I Avoid When Building My Dream Pool?

So you’re ready to build a pool or maybe just ready to think about it, that’s great! Building a North Georgia pool and spa can seem overwhelming with all the options available. With these simple steps you can alleviate some confusion and avoid future issues with your pool.

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Mistakes To Avoid

A gigantic mistake to avoid in pool building and maintenance is skipping on a pool cleaner. A lot of homeowners will pass on this option in order to save hundreds to more than a thousand dollars, but at what true cost? Being able to go outside and immediately hop in the pool on a hot day without asking everyone to hold the fun, while you scoop leaves is a price to pay. Having a pool cleaner is widely agreed as one of the better investments in pool installation. For your North Georgia pool and spa a pressure unit will probably benefit you more, as they are better at sucking up leaves.

With today’s technology avoiding chlorinated pools is easier than ever. No more chemical soup hair or skin as you can decide on a salt system, ozone, or UV sanitizer system. Chlorinated pools are becoming a thing of the past, thankfully! While salt system sanitizers still have a small amount of chlorine produced, choosing salt over blatant chemicals will be a preferable choice to the original. Ozone and UV systems will reduce the amount of chlorine needed, and in turn it makes for easier pH balancing. Another way to keep your pool clean is using a cartridge filter as opposed to a sand filter. Cartridge can filter smaller particles than sand and there isn’t as much of a loss of water as there is with sand filters.

When deciding what pool pump will work best for your North Georgia pool and spa, it is imperative to look at the variables of your pool. Sure, a single pump will get the job done, but if you have a customized pool it may be better to go with a double pump or variable-speed pump. This is because if you have an addition of a waterfall, spa, or supplemental circulation system you will absolutely benefit from the extra juice! You’ll save on energy costs and in the long term the pump will last longer.

Using LED lighting as opposed to the original incandescent lighting in your pool can bring it from shab to fab! Without a doubt the LED option is superior in every way. From the actual brightness of the light itself to the variation in colors, LED lighting has far grander aesthetic than your basic incandescent bulbs. Using energy efficient LED lights will not only benefit the look of your oasis but also save you money in the future!

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A Helping Hand

We brought up convenience earlier in this blog, but what better convenience than automated pool controls for your North Georgia pool and spa? From cleaning, to jet use, spa temperature, lighting, water features, and much more having automated controls will make pool owning an absolute breeze. Easy calibration can be done from your tablet, PC, or smartphone!
One final word of advice is stray away from original pool plaster such as, marcite plaster. Although used for decades in pools the obvious wear and tear can have you regretting your choice. Vulnerable to etching, discoloration and UV exposure there are much more suitable options for your North Georgia pool and spa. Quartz not only looks nicer but it is a more durable substance that does not require as much maintenance. Your pool contractor will gladly discuss your options and go with the most economical and beautiful choice for your pool plaster needs.

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