When you decide to construct a custom pool in your Austin home, it can be an overwhelming work to decide on the layout, the design, and most importantly: the pool builders that will install the swimming pool for you. That is where our Premier Pools & Spas of Austin comes in.


Our professionals make selecting a pool design an easy task. Whether you’re a commercial business or residential homeowner, you can feel confident that we will give you the resources and knowledge needed to help you choose the best dream pool to fit your lifestyle. Premier Pools & Spas of Austin specializes in the conceptualization, custom pool design and construction of great pools.

This is what some pool owners in Austin had to say:

‘I would recommend Premier Pools and Spas of Austin to anyone who is even considering a new swimming pool. It was very important for us to work with a company and individuals that we could trust with such a significant financial investment. We received quotes from 3 other pool companies including a well-known pool company in the Austin area. I felt like I was being “sold” to from the two nationwide pool companies and the Austin based company was completely out of budget.


Amy and Brady Baird were completely opposite from these experiences. From the minute they walked into our house they were passionate, honest and took the time to understand what we wanted from our pool. They took into account our kids ages and how we expected to use the pool for the next 5-10 years. They also explained the technology behind the pool. I can confidently say that I feel we received the highest level of quality and craftsmanship in our pool. I feel the price was fair and completely in line with the other quotes that I got. In fact, for the money, I believe we got a much better product than any of the other pool companies. I’m so glad we didn’t choose another company based on stories others have told us about their experiences with pool companies that were unresponsive or cut corners with their work. Having a pool has been one of my dreams, and I can’t think of a better company to fulfill that dream.” Chad L.


Ready for Your Own Custom Pool?

You can be confident choosing Premier Pools and Spas of Austin to build or remodel your pool. We take pride in the fact that not only are we great custom pool designers, but we also great “pool builders”. This means that they intimately know what it takes to build all types of pools and spas, regardless if they are on the side of a mountain or in a small, space-challenged backyard. We are experts in pool construction and will take the time to explain how we are going to build your pool and what makes us different from other pool builders.