The Next Chapter in the Premier Pools and Spas Story


Since the day of its founding, Premier Pools and Spas was meant to not just survive, but grow. In that, it has succeeded, and we have no intention for that to change. So behind the scenes we’ve been making plans for the next step in our success story, and Pool & Spa News has been gracious enough to deliver our latest exciting news.

Premier Pools and Spas has announced that by the end of the year, it will have transitioned from a licensing system to a franchise model. As reported in the article, with this change Premier Pools and Spas “aims to replicate the same operational and customer experience across the country and, thus, wants more control over variables such as training, marketing, design, and even when staffs meet at each office.”

Obviously, this is going to change the way we do business with our branches nationwide, and this month’s article largely focuses on how this strengthens our relationship with our many existing and future branches, but there’s much more to it than that.

We’re doing this specifically for the benefit of our customers. We want people across the nation to be able to walk into any Premier Pools and Spas store—whether they’re in California, or Florida, or anywhere in between or abroad—and know exactly what they’re going to find behind the front door: Friendly and patient staff, an answer to every question, and the trust that we will keep our promises and meet (or beat!) our deadlines.

Demanding that we ask the absolute best of ourselves and nothing less guarantees three things: the satisfaction of our customers, the success of Premier Pools and Spas as a national company, and a long and promising future building pools into the next century. We intend to give Pool & Spa News a lot to talk about.