If you want to know what the best option of swimming pool cover would suit you, you must consider the personal needs and preferences of your loved ones. You must also consider the size of your pocket. There are numerous choices to choose from and the manner in which each cover functions.

Automatic Covers

These cover, is mounted permanently in place. With one push of the button, you can automatically cover and uncover the swimming pool. You can get them in lots of different types, most of which you can use all year round. Their more firm design seals out foreign matter and makes it extremely hard for anybody to fall in by mistake; furthermore, these covers as well minimize evaporation and keep the swimming pool warm.

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Winter Cover

These ones are created from heavy duty materials, built to protect your pool from freezing temperatures during the winter months. You can use winter covers all year; however, they are difficult to take on and off, and thus they are usually used in winter when you are closing your pool. Similar to other types of covers, these covers keep out debris and minimize evaporation, along with providing thermal protection against decreasing sunlight and freezing, which helps to stop the growth of algae. This cover is relatively light, meaning it has to be anchored around the perimeter of your swimming pool, and, similar to a solar cover, a winter cover cannot hold weight, so it provides no protection pets and kids.

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Solar Pool Cover

These are a favorite option since they are easy to install and inexpensive. With a design much like translucent bubble wrap, solar pool covers are made to soak up the sun’s heat in the daytime and keep holding this heat when the temperature outside drops during the night. In addition to being the only pool cover that can increase the temperature of water, solar pool covers reduce evaporation, minimizing the need to top up your pool water and regulate its chemical levels which, in turn, decreases your maintenance costs. But remember that most solar covers are relatively thin and so they are not made to support the weight of humans. This implies that everybody with small kids or pets should take extra care.

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Safety Pool Covers

Safety pool covers are perfect for most families since they can be used all year round, and they are made to support weight, which stops animals and people from falling into the swimming pool. There are two main kinds of safety pool covers: Mesh and solid.

Mesh covers: keep debris and leave out while also permitting melting snow and rain to seep through into the swimming pool. The drawback is that this outside water could make your pool quite filthy over the winter season; however, it also means that you do not have to be concerned about accumulating water weighing the pool cover down.

Solid safety covers: alternatively, are made of a solid vinyl material, are extremely effective in protecting your swimming pool from sunlight and debris; but they do not permit water to pass through, so they usually have a drain panel or need a pump so as to stop precipitation from building up on top over the winter months.

By finding the time to explore all of your pool cover options, you will be able to easily identify a cover to suit your budget and the needs of both you and your loved ones.

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