The best way to beautify your pool deck in Redding, CA is by considering the different options of pool decking colors. By doing this, you will provide it with more contrast, and make your deck area match with its surrounds. Color often goes together with other decorative concrete treatments, like stenciling or stamping. This will let you create unique decorations or let you replicate the shades of natural stone or other customized art.

pool decking colors

Dry-shake hardeners, integral color, and chemical stains are the most common ways of coloring exterior concrete. You can use these methods alone or in combination to create stunning effects. Most pool decking colors provide many colors to select from. You’ll be able to choose a color that will best complement your landscape, house, or other elements close to your pool.

Important tips when you’re considering pool decking colors.

Protecting your pool deck:

When choosing pool decking colors, a homeowner should first search for a coating that will protect the deck from the elements. A poorly finished deck would struggle to withstand the scraping of pool furniture, foot traffic, and UV light. A concrete will poses some special needs because of its characteristic moisture, alkalinity and absorbency problems. The most suitable option is a color specifically made for pool decks.

Faux finishing:

Exposed concrete may be somewhat boring to look at, but stone will add visual depth and beauty. After a bit of practice, or with the aid of some pre-packaged kits,  even DIYer’s can imitate the appearance of marble, limestone, granite and other natural stones. When you mix an additive that’s no-slip into the paint it will enhance the effect by ensuring the painted finish has texture. This will also make the pool deck safer for kids poolside play.

pool decking colors

Design a colorful deck:

Decks will appear great in shades, which suggest natural outside surroundings. Colors of brown and maroon hint masonry and brick, colors of gray hint at natural stone and slate and hues of tan bring hint sandy beaches and colors of blue and dusky green hint to clear water.

While you can just color the whole deck in one shade, the pool decking colors will add more liveliness if used in combination. For example, a pool deck that’s mainly dusky sea foam or slate gray might be matched by adobe-colored winding pathway or by a brick-colored border, which leads to a pool entryway.

Stenciling your deck:

A deck is built of concrete slabs; however, there is no reason it cannot take on the look of worn cobblestones, mortared slate, or brick paving stones.

These multi-colored painting schemes will need painting a base coat. After that, following up with a number of extra painted layers, depending on the intricacy of the effect. A low-luster clear sealant is then used to protect the completed project.

pool decking colors


Pool Decking Colors – Conclusion

You should not spend another day with an unsafe or with an unsightly pool deck in your outdoor space in Redding. Contact Premier Pools & Spas of Redding to initiate an appointment for a free quote! Let us help you build a stunning new pool decking that will help add to the overall fun you and your loved ones get out of your backyard pool.

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