One of the most essential spaces of your entire pool is the decking surrounding your Tucson backyard pool. The pool decking options you select will play an important role in helping define your pool’s personality and style. If you want to bring a more natural and classy feel to your outdoor space, we’ll discuss some choices that will certainly not disappoint you.

pool decking options

Pool decking options to consider for your Tucson backyard include:

Tile decking:

If you want to make your backyard and deck unique, the best option is tiling. If you choose to use tiles, do not use the ones that are glazed, since they can become slippery when wet.


These are often created from concrete, brick or stone. These pool design options are often costly because they involve a lot of labor. But the cost can greatly vary as well. The beauty of pavers is that design can be as simple or as complex as you want. In addition, you can easily replace or remove pavers if you need, work on the breaks or cracks or plumbing underneath. Nearly all pavers are weather resistant, non-slip and very durable.

Concrete decking:

One of the most economical and common options is a poured concrete deck. There are also many ways you can form and design your concrete deck. Also, if you select concrete you can choose from a wide range of colors where to have it dyed. You can also have it imprinted to take on the appearance of stones and tiles.

pool decking options


This pool decking option soaks up the cool from the ground and it reflects the heat from the sun. Another great benefit of this material is that it’s slip-proof. The stonework is available in a range of colors and styles! Because of its porous nature, the water swimmers splash around the pool won’t create dangerous puddles, instead will be absorbed into the stone. This will help prevent flooding and increase safety around the patio.

Wood decking:

This is another sought after decking material. It creates a natural, stunning look, it’s easy to work with and affordable. Wood is the best option for oddly-shaped landscapes as you can build it off the ground. The drawback to this material is the level of preventative repairs and maintenance needed.

To prevent damage and color loss, the material will require regular sealing and staining. If your deck is big, this will be a rather significant task you should have done every year.

Stone decking:

If you select a stone deck, you will have your option of styles and colors. These pool decking options can be a more costly choice than others. But if you’re looking to have a deck that will show your unique style, the best option is stone. Furthermore, if you these pool decking options, you’ll provide your Tucson backyard space a more natural feeling, which blends in with nature.

pool decking options

Pool Decking Options- Conclusion

Decking plays a significant role in your pool’s safety and look. A variety of materials are on the market. This means you will have lots of opportunities to showcase your creativity. If you live in Tucson, Arizona and want to know more about pool decking options, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson today! Whether you want to construct a new custom inground pool or change your existing pool decking, our professional team is willing to help.

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