Pool exercises are a fun way to beat the heat and burn calories. Whether you are 3 or 83, being in the pool is enjoyable and when you are able to do pool exercises that will help you get more fit, it makes things even better. In this article, we are going to talk about some pool exercises that are going to help you with burning calories.

pool exercises

Pool Exercises for Burning Calories

Whether you have your own pool or you are going to the gym or a friend’s house to use their pool, these pool exercises are a great way to get your body moving so you can get the exercise that you need.

pool exercises

#1 – Noodle Crunch

If you want a good core workout, the Noodle Crunch is exactly what you are looking for. Grab a pool noodle to support your arms, straighten your legs and then pool them in to your chest. Not being on a stable surface will cause your abs to work overtime since they will have to stabilize you both horizontally and vertically.

#2 – Noodle Plank

Over the past years, there have been many plank challenges. Sadly, most people are not able to do a true plank since it requires an insane amount of muscle work. Just getting into the plank position can be a big enough workout for many people.

When you are in the pool, you don’t have to worry so much about how things are going to work out. You can hold your pool noodle in front of you, push it down and put yourself in plank this way. Hold your hold in a straight line with your arms in line with your shoulders and hold for around 30 seconds or more if you can.

#3 – Noodle Knee Tuck

If you find that Noodle Plank is getting too easy, you can progress to Noodle Knee Tuck. Begin in your plank position and then tuck your knees to your chest and do a kick back out. You will be able to feel the water resisting you in both ways and this is going to give you a total body workout.

Be prepared for whole body soreness after you’re done with this workout but as long as it is not too painful, that is a good since and you’ll definitely be burning calories with this exercise.

#4 – Noodle Press Down

Put the pool noodle out in front of you and then push the noodle down until it touches your legs. If you want to engage your shoulders you can increase the resistance by getting some water weights. This is a great experience for those of you that want to create nice tone around your shoulders and neck.

pool exercises

Pool Exercises & Burning Fat

When you do pool exercises, you often will burn more fat than you would if you were on the land. Most people notice soreness after working out but you are not going to have the high impact workouts you would on the land so it is unlikely to get any injuries as long as you are doing pool exercises responsibly.

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