Celebrate Good Times with These 3 Pool Party Games!

kids playing pool party games

If you have a child’s birthday coming up, it’s time for you to plan a fun and engaging pool party. Obviously, there are matters like the cake, invitations, decorations, and so on. But planning games and activities will keep kids from getting bored or restless. Here are a few ideas:

Activities are going to be an essential part of your child’s party. We all know how quickly children grow tired of one activity, so plan to switch it up a little! Here are 3 pool party games for the next party in your swimming pool.

1. Don’t Drop the Baby– It’s an odd name for a fun game. It’s played with a regular balloon that isn’t filled with helium. This is a game that can be played outside the swimming pool, but it is much harder (and more fun) to play in the pool. The rules of the game are simple: The players must keep a single balloon in the air at all times. If it touches the water, then the player who touched the balloon last is out. It’s an exciting game that will get the kids giggling away.

2. Marco Polo– The game’s a classic for a reason, and the reason is, it’s one of the most entertaining pool party games around. The player who is chosen to be ‘It,’ has to close their eyes and shout “Marco!” Everybody has to respond, “Polo!” The child who is ‘It’ has to go by sound and tag the others, then they become ‘It.’ The game may not have changed over the years, but your kids will find it just as much fun as you did.

3. Push the Duck– This is a good game for 3 or 4 players at a time. Line the kids up at one end of the pool and give each of them a rubber duck. The goal is to push the duck to the other side of the swimming pool without using their hands, feet, or mouth. The players must use their noses to propel the duck forward.

These are just a few fun pool party games your kids can play. Everybody here at Premier Pools & Spas wishes you the best of luck in planning your party.

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