For a first-time pool owner in Portland, it can seem confusing. We will discuss some pool questions and answers that we’ve put together to help swimming pool owners out. You can never tell if you’re fortunate perhaps you’ll get your answer here and you will not even have to contact us. For sure, know that should you choose to contact us you’re dealing with a reliable pool company. We understand how to treat you well and offer you world-class service.

Pool Questions and Answers

Here are some pool questions and answers to consider before installing a pool.

Why do you want a pool?

Before selecting one of your amazing pool ideas, think about who is swimming in the pool. Is it children? Adults? Athletes? Think about the “audience” when selecting your preferred pool design and features.

Will you maintain the pool or do you require a service contract?

Pools need maintenance. Test kits, pumps, heaters, pool vacuums, chemicals are just a few of the things that require your attention as a new pool owner. Do you want to maintain the swimming pool by yourself or will you hire a monthly basis pool maintenance service? You might at first want to do the task on your own and afterward, find that you want the professionals to do the pool maintenance.

Do I need special features?

Do you need lighting? Do you want special plantings? What about a waterfall? Ask your designer when it comes to the finest special features for your swimming pool.

Pool Questions and Answers

When or how soon do you need it?

You should be realistic about your time frame. If you are on a deadline, get started early as delays can slow things down such as rainy weather. You may also think of constructing a swimming pool off-season when it is a bit cooler. Not only are you going to be in less of a hurry, but your pool will also be totally ready for the start of the hot summer months.

What shape and size are you looking?

If you have plenty of outdoor space you might find that you’ll want a bigger swimming pool or an expanded outdoor living area. Alternatively, with a small to medium sized yard, the style should be tailored to the square footage and slope available. You also need to consider if you need the pool a little bit further away or near the house. Consider if you need landscaping or a spa as well. All these considerations are essential when designing your Portland pool.

Do I need an expert working on my swimming pool?

Most people want to reduce their costs by doing their own repair work. But pools can be very complex to maintain on your own. Whether personal or commercial, a pool should get the right chemical balance for clean and safe use. This can be challenging for a Portland pool owner who’s not versed in pool maintenance and water analysis.

Pool Questions and Answers

Pool Questions and Answers – Conclusion

If you’re thinking of getting a swimming pool there’s no doubt you have lots of questions you’ll need to be answered. Here at Premier Pools & Spas of Portland we take pride in offering our customers the right advice and information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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