Who doesn’t like to save money and save energy? I’m right there with you and will do whatever is needed to make sure I’m not putting out money on energy when I could be saving it for a fun new addition to the pool or a new swimsuit! There are some great ways that you can save money and save energy below.

save money save energy


Save Money & Save Energy Strategically

Most of the time, you are going to want to use your pool during the day. That’s totally fine but that is also when your energy rates are going to be the highest. This is why you will work with your variable speed pump, the Q360 in-floor cleaning system. It will run during the day when necessary but the bulk of the cleaning will be done during off-peak hours so that you are able to save money and save energy. This is commonly referred to as advanced circulation.

Another great way to make sure that you save money and save energy is by using a solar cover on your pool. Besides for keeping out any debris, the solar covers also keep the heat in your pool and help attract heat from the sun. Even if you just use them at night it will still keep the heat from escaping your pool whenever it gets cooler out.

save money save energy

Can I Afford a Swimming Pool?

If you are looking to get a pool, you are probably trying to find out if you save money and save energy if you would be able to afford a pool. Energy costs can be no joke so making sure that you have to budget for your pool is wise. Pool ownership and the energy it takes to run a pool is not as high as you may think. Depending on your specific pool, there are going to be different rates, but you can always get an estimate when you speak to a pool professional that has seen a lot throughout the time they have been working in the industry.


Design and Functionality

When you are looking at what type of pool you want to get, if you are serious about being able to save money and save energy, then you want to ask about how to build the pool in an economical manner. If you speak with the pool builder, they are going to know how you can save the most money with the way that you design the pool. Just because you want a backyard oasis, doesn’t mean you have to spend half of your paycheck on it. You can actually get a nice pool at a good price and be able to have it be energy efficient.

save money save energy

Until you speak with a professional that is going to be able to give you this information, you may never know if you can save money and save energy that will allow you to afford your brand new pool.

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