It is time to prepare your landscaping for the winter season. Though you might have plans of enjoying a little longer, contacting the professionals at Premier Pools & Spas will make sure your outdoor space will look its best. By doing this, means it you will have less work and more days will be spent enjoying with your loved ones.

prepare your landscaping

Remove dead plants

You should remove any annuals that die out before winter starts. Getting rid of dead and dying plants is the best way to prepare your landscaping for the cold weather. This is because it makes your landscaping look neat as well. When spring rolls around, you will have a nice, tidy landscape rather than one that’s filled with dead plants that need removal.


You should prune specific species during their dormant period to prevent diseases from starting. It is also the best time for pruning dormant deciduous trees. In addition, it is the best time for pruning spruce and evergreen trees.

prepare your landscaping


Plants need to have mulch, particularly during the fall. Mulch covers the roots of plants to protect and keep them warm during the cold weather. Not only will this layer protect roots from the extreme cold, but it will also help in retaining moisture during the winter season.


While it might seem obvious, you should prepare your landscaping by ensuring you rake the leaves before the cold weather. This provides your backyard the access to the sun it requires during the cold months. Additionally, it can prevent mold growth that takes place when leaves are usually left for a long time over grass.


Another good option for fall is to plant trees and shrubs before the first frost. Not only can you enjoy the changing leaves for a short period, but you’ll also put less strain the young trees due to the rain conditions and cooler weather falls provides. Make the most of your last opportunity to prepare your landscaping before frost covers it. Just a couple of preparations for the cold weather will guarantee that your backyard comes back looking fresh.

prepare your landscaping

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