You are excited that the pool season is just around the corner and started looking up tips on opening a pool. May is the time of the year when most Vacaville pools open up after a long duration of winterizing. If you have closed the pool for winter, then you know that the steps you to follow for opening your pool will be in the reverse order. So, let us have a look at what needs to be done before making your pool healthy and safe to swim in.

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Remove the Pool Cover


This seems like a very easy task, just pulling off the cover from your pool. But first, make sure that there is no debris that might fall into the pool. There might be some water puddles that gathered on the winter cover. So, ensure that the cover surface is dry before you remove it. Vacuum the surface to remove the leaves and other tiny particles.

Now coming to removing your pool cover- make sure you properly handle it so as not to damage it, because you will be needing it the next season. Hose off the winter cover to remove dirt or grime, dry it properly and store it away. Otherwise, you will risk the growth of mold or mildew even if there is a bit of dampness.

Add Water to the Pool

When you had closed the pool for winter, you might have removed the water completely or partially. Hence, there is no doubt that the current water level in the pool will be lower than the ideal. Take a garden hose and start filling the pool up to midway of the skimmer.

Now you need to check whether the pool filtration system is working. First, clean out the filter and ensure that you prime your pump. Remove all the winterization methods, check the remaining pool equipment for leaks, and replace all the drain plugs.

Install Deck Equipment

You might have removed pool accessories like handrails, pool ladders, or diving boards in the winter. Now is the time to re-install them. Power up the pool filtration and circulation system and run the pump for 24 hours. Brush the side walls and vacuum the pool for leaves.

Look for any cracks in the pipes and hoses. If you see any damaged equipment, immediately turn off the power. Without delay, call a pool professional to fix these damages, which is the most important step in opening a pool.

Atlanta Pool Chemistry

Add the Chemicals

Before opening a pool, it is important to make sure that the water is safe to swim in. You need to take a sample of your pool water and test it for chemical levels. You cannot just toss in any amount of chemicals into the pool and expect it to be safe.

Balancing the chemistry and pH levels is indeed a complex task, and it would be better if you let pool professionals of Vacaville handle it. Get a pool company that offers maintenance along with repairs so that you can keep your pool in shape all year long.