Every Pool Worth Its Salt Uses a Salt Chlorinator

A salt chlorinator can be easier to use than standard chlorine in a pool

You’ve decided it is time to buy that inground pool you’ve always wanted. That means you have a lot of important decisions to make before the pool installation. What materials are you using for your pool? Do you have any design ideas for the style? And most of all, how do you plan to keep it clean?

No matter what, your inground pool is going to be using chlorine. But there are definite advantage to a salt chlorinator versus the traditional chlorine swimming pool.

For one thing you don’t have to manage your chlorine manually. A salt chlorinator is run by a machine that converts salt into chlorine. For easy use, there’s a dial to control the levels of chlorine in your swimming pool. A standard chlorine pool requires you to add your own chlorine, which takes time and effort, and a dedicate balancing of chemicals. Managing such things is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some might worry about the price, but the initial costs of the salt water system are recouped over time in savings on chlorine.

At the end of the day, Premier Pools and& Spas wants to build you the custom swimming pool that’s right for you. A salt chlorinator allows for easier pool maintenance and steady chlorine levels. If you would prefer the DIY approach of managing it yourself, then here’s some tips on chlorine management to help you out!

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