The sight and sound of pool water features like a sheer descent waterfall adds tranquility and charm to your space. A sheer descent fall produces an arc of clear water cascading down the pool wall. It is projected slightly away from the pool wall and you can adjust the flow of the fall. Whether you need a mountain spring-type waterfall or glass-like sheet of water falling from a height, you can create any effect with this type of waterfall. Here is everything you need to know about sheer descent waterfalls before selecting one.

Sheer Descent Waterfalls- A New Addition to Stunning Pool Water Features 1

Why Should You Choose a Sheer Descent Waterfall?

A sheer descent waterfall is an exciting feature for any new or remodeled swimming pool. It offers limitless options for customizing the look of your backyard pool. Some sheer descents fall from a raised section in the pool to create a pleasing effect. They are available in lengths ranging from 8 inches to 8 feet depending on the space in your backyard. You can also select between the extended lip and curved models in sheer descents. Most importantly, the water falls at a 45-degree angle to make a unique combination of sight and sound in the pool area.

Decorative Accents for Sheer Descents Waterfalls

With natural and manmade rocks, you can create dramatic effects in your pool water features. When designing a sheer descent waterfall, the options range from simple pebbles to huge boulders flanking the pool and waterfall to create a serene surrounding. Typically, sheer descent waterfalls resemble a solid sheet of water that can be designed in the form of a natural waterfall cascading down a cliff.

Types of Sheer Descent Waterfalls

There is a variety of styles in sheer descents that suits every type of swimming pool and landscaping. You can choose from the options that include:

sheer descent

Sheer Rain Descent

These waterfalls have a single row of water streams that project from the lip at an angle of 45 degrees. It creates the effect of rainfall with unique and calming sound.

Rain Arc Waterfalls

To install this type of sheer descent waterfalls, you don’t need a raised bond beam. Instead, you can project a rain arc waterfall above the waterline of your pool. It is perfect for vinyl liner pools where the fall projects up from the pool and arcs naturally to descend to the pool surface.

Sheer Curtain Rainfall

Create a mesmerizing effect of a water curtain descending down a certain height into your pool. If you have a concrete swimming pool, it is an ideal option for stunning pool water features.

Freestanding Sheer Descents

Add a vibrant aqua garden with a sheer descent waterfall cascading into your pool. It is a freestanding feature or a planting container available in a variety of shapes and colors. With colorful blooms on top of the container and a water curtain falling from its front into the pool, it creates a charming appearance in your backyard.

When looking to install a sheer descent waterfall, take help from professionals to get the desired effects that suit your expectations.