Having a private pool is no longer looked upon as a luxury. They need not be massive, but reasonably priced and a fantastic investment. Small inground pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You must first identify the area in your backyard where you wish to install the pool and the intended purpose of use. Proceed only after addressing these critical aspects.

Small inground pools must compliment your existing outdoor space and integrate well with the landscape. These pools offer unmatched convenience, a perfect outlet for exercise, and add life to your backyard with their visual appeal.

There are two basic styles of inground pools, the categories being:

Linear Pools

These traditional rectangular pools give you value for your money but, take up maximum space.

Freeform Pools

free swimming pool plans

Curvy, oval, and amoeba-shaped pools fall under this category. Such designs save space, giving you more deck area surrounding the pool.

Choose from the below-mentioned array of breathtaking small inground pools and add to the aesthetic look of your yard:

Infinity Pool

infinity pool

Take advantage of your stunning natural landscape by making your deck extend into an infinity pool. Even with a small pool size, you can still feel one with nature.

Geometric Pool

In your small patio area, you can squeeze in a chic looking geometric pool. It makes for an ideal perch to relax and cool off on a hot day.

Elongated Pool

Consider cleverly using the available space between your deck and home by stretching the length of the pool to elongate it. This lengthened effect does not add to your square footage yet meets your purpose by neatly tucking in a small pool.

Pool with Seating

When you do not feel the need to submerge yourself completely in water, an inground pool with provision for seating works wonders. Since the seating is not entirely underground, you can sit back and dip your feet in the water while reading or taking a nap. A built-in shade adequately protects you from the scorching sun. Open it only when the need arises.

Round Pool


A small and simple round pool is a sleek option. It economizes on space and allows for flexibility too. Moreover, a circular shape breaks away from a standard rectangular or square design. You can give the surrounding deck area a homely feel by providing seating arrangements and adding some greenery too.

ledge loungerAsymmetrical Pool

This inground pool design is attractive owing to its pond style look and smart utilization of available space. Add a waterfall to enhance its overall visual appeal.

Hexagonal Dipping Pool

Another fantastic design for small inground pools is this shallow hexagonal one. Perfect for a couple to enjoy some quiet alone time, customize the surrounding backdrop to have the desired privacy.

Angular Pool

Make a powerful statement at the end of your patio with this unusually designed small pool. The various angles add to its appeal and form a distinct pattern yet, serving the essential purpose.

Consider all your options before taking the final plunge.

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