Every year it seems as if more and more people are choosing to forgo a traditional summer vacation and instead have a staycation experience with their family and friends.

What Is A Staycation?

The term “staycation” is a clever combination of two words; stay & vacation. As the name suggests, a staycation is simply a set period of time when you and your family enjoy leisure activities from the comfort of your home (or within relatively close driving distance).


One steadfast rule that a lot of people follow is that if you are able to sleep at home every night then you are technically on a staycation. If your recreational activities take you so far away that you aren’t able to rest your head at home when bedtime rolls around then it’s not a staycation.

Why Are Staycations So Popular?

Staycations have always been fairly common, especially during the summer season. However, the recent financial crisis inadvertently created a growing interest in staycations. When families had to decide to cut back in certain unessential areas where money was being spent, vacations were often times one of the first tings to go. It may not actually seem like it in the moment but a lot of the various expenses of a traditional vacation do add up. Hotel rooms, airline tickets, and many other necessary parts of a traditional vacation are very costly. On the other hand, a fun staycation can end up costing you and your family very little in comparison (or it can cost you nothing at all).


What Can I Do On A Staycation?

Choosing to have a staycation instead of a vacation doesn’t have to mean that your holidays will be any less fun. A summer staycation in Vacaville can be just as fun and far less stressful compared to a traditional vacation.

Having fun in the water, whether it be at the beach or a swimming pool, is the most ideal summertime activity that you could do. If you live within driving distance of the beach (approximately half of the people in the US live close to the coast) then simply plan out your day around a daytime beach trip that will have you back at home before bedtime. If you have your very own backyard swimming pool then you’re even luckier. Wake up whenever you want and swim a few laps before having brunch poolside. Having fun in your very own private swimming pool is the definition of an ideal staycation.


Have an intimate gathering with your family and a few friends or go all out and host a huge backyard barbecue for the entire neighborhood. If you have your very own backyard pool then you could even have a pool party, arguably the best type of party to host during the summer. Your family and friends will thank you for sharing your staycation with them by giving them a fun way to socialize and cool off.

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