Vinyl pool liner repair is something that you can’t ignore as a pool owner. It is quite easy to repair the minor issues in your liner rather than spending on expensive replacements. In most of the cases, a minor repair is sufficient and needn’t break your bank trying to fix an issue. However, repair depends on the extent of damage in the liner. Here are the causes of liner damages and how to fix them:

Wrinkles in the Liner

The materials you are using to line the pool will significantly impact your Pool Cost Las Vegas. Concrete or gunite pools can cost much more than vinyl

If your liner fabric has wrinkles, it points to improper installation. In the areas where temperatures go up to extreme levels, the direct sunlight and water evaporation also leads to wrinkles in the liner. During spring opening as well, you may notice these wrinkles caused by cold temperatures and low water levels.

If you notice any overlaps in the liner, you may reset the same by emptying the pool. The liner will be reinstalled to remove the wrinkles. This is the complicated job that should be handled by pool professionals only. For minor wrinkles, you can use a device to create suction around the wrinkled area. It doesn’t cause damages to the liner if done properly.

Sagging Edges of the Liner

Along the top edge or in the corners of your pool, sagging edges look unsightly and cause further maintenance issues. This issue can happen if the liner is not properly secured at the time of installation. The liner would be carrying too much weight and it becomes difficult to fix this problem without reinstalling the vinyl pool liner.

The best approach is to leave this task to the professionals having experience in dealing with such problems. To fix sagging edges, pool professionals will warm the liner to maneuver it properly. Then, they will stretch the edges and let the material pass across the track to reduce sagging.

Repairing the Rips and Tears

Vinyl pool liner repair issues are mostly centered on a tear or rip in its surface. If a rip is small, you can repair it with patching. But, if it is longer than 6 inches, consult a pool service professional. They will advise you about the underlying issue that causes rips in the liner and solutions to the problem.

To identify the rip that’s small enough, the experts use water dye test in the pool. It requires turning down the pool pump and waiting for an hour to let the water settle. The dye will squirt to the suspected area of rip and you know the point from where leaks occur.

Staining on the Liner

Pool Stains

The pool liners may attract stains, especially during the spring season. Normally, you can remove these stains by shocking the pool and balancing its chemicals. But, for hard stains, you need specialized treatments.

To deal with this problem, you ought to find the right stain removal chemicals and buy protective equipment as well. Instead of handling this chore on your own, it is better to hire the experts who can clean the stains on your liner without damaging its texture.

This is an easy guide to understand the issues that need immediate vinyl pool liner repair.