With the sun shining brightly outside, it’s time to open your inground pool. The process to open the pool requires some tools and protective gear. Take help from swimming pool builders Phoenix to follow the right procedure. With their support, you can get started immediately. Here are the steps they take for opening your pool:

Remove the Slime from the Pool Cover

Winterizing your California Pool

The pool cover accumulates water, debris, and leaves throughout the winter. You must remove the entire gunk from the cover using a submersible pump and a broom. The pump will remove standing water while broom is needed to sweep of piles of debris lying on the pool cover. After removing the water, you can let the cover dry for 2-3 days for blowing off the debris using a blower.

Remove and Store Away the Pool Cover

Remove the pool cover carefully without getting the debris into the pool water. If in case, any debris gets into the water, you can remove them later using a skimmer. After removing the pool cover, clean it using a soft broom and pool cover cleaner. Do not use harsh or abrasive tools to clean the cover. Let it dry and then, store away in a safe place.

Use Skimmer to Clean the Pool

If anything falls into the pool from the cover or there are large debris clogging the filter system, you can remove them using a pool skimmer. A lot more cleaning is needed when opening the pool. Skimming is just the beginning to get the bigger contaminants out of the water.

Remove Ice Compensator and Winterizing Plugs

When closing the pool, you blow out the pipes and fit winterizing plugs to prevent water seepage. Now, when it’s time to open the pool, the swimming pool builders Phoenix will remove all these plugs. If you use ice compensator in your pool, remove them from the skimmer baskets.

Reinstall the Pool Accessories

If you have a pool ladder, slide, step rails, diving board, or any other accessories removed before closing the pool, now is the time to reinstall them. Before reinstalling the accessories, lubricate and grease their bolts and hinges as well.

Fill Up Your Pool

The water level of your inground pool may fall down a little during the offseason. Although the pool cover reduces evaporation, there may be a loss of a few inches of water due to winterization. Using the garden hose, you can fill up your pool to the desired level.

Check and Set Up Pool Equipment

When opening the pool for the season, you must check the pool equipment like filters and pumps before setting them up. Reinstall the drain plugs and lubricate O-rings to protect them. Also, replace the sight glass, air bleeder, and pressure gauge of the multi-port valve.  You also need to open the return side valves, flip the circuit breaker, and wash the filters before opening the pool.

Balance the Pool Water


After checking the chemical balance of your swimming pool, it is time to adjust this balance. Give shock treatment to your pool for the right alkalinity and pH levels. Lastly, add a sanitizer to the water.

After completing all these steps, let the pool pump run for at least 24 hours. You should hire the best swimming pool builders Phoenix for opening the pool.

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