One of the main concerns of new pool buyers is their swimming pool budget. What is enough? What should they expect?

The good news is that no matter what your swimming pool budget is, we can set you up with a top quality pool that you would surely be happy with!

Of course, we don’t mean those $50 plastic wading pools you can get at Walmart! We want to set you up with a top quality backyard swimming pool.

In Sacramento and the rest of Northern California, this will set you back by at least $30,000. The cost of the pool already includes the basics: labor costs, materials for the interior and decking of your pool, lighting, pump and filters.

Your cost increases when you choose to upgrade from a basic pool. If you want to jazz up your pool with pebble or aggregate finishes, that will cost. If you want decorative lighting or add-ons, like a tanning ledge, diving boards and slides, that will cost too. There are several factors that add to your pool costs. If you want these, make sure to have an ample swimming pool budget for it.

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