Temecula residents are loving their swimming pools rights now but if you’re a beginner, you may be a little worried about your swimming pool maintenance and what you are supposed to be doing to keep your pool beautiful. It’s a good thing that you are looking into your swimming pool maintenance so that you don’t end up with a problem down the road because of not taking proper care of it.

swimming pool maintenance

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Swimming Pool Maintenance Must-Dos

While you may want to add some extra chores onto your list, these are the things that you must do whenever you want to keep your pool looking nice and bright for you, your family and your friends. Let’s focus on two main things:

  • Clean pool filter
  • Adding chemicals to your pool

When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, you may find your pool’s water filter to be one of the biggest pains that you have. It doesn’t matter how good of a filter you get because there is still going to be some dirt that will get through them. You could improve your filtration by adding flocculant, however.

Flocculant: Chemical that is added to your pool’s water to cause flocculation. This means you are going to have dirt particles that are coagulating into larger clusters. This will allow the filter to be able to get more of the dirt because it will be in bigger patches instead of little granular pieces that can easily get through the filters.

You should also look into backwashing your sand filters if you have them. You do not want an expensive mistake because of procrastination.

swimming pool maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance – Chemicals

Let’s get into the chemical part of swimming pool maintenance.

One of the easy ways to lower the quantity of chlorine that is needed is by adding pool stabilizer. Besides for that, it will also help to keep your pool’s pH level in proper place. Before you do any treating make sure that you do a test to see how your water is right now. There is no need putting chemicals into your pool until you know what is already going on there.

You will find there are plenty of other chemicals and combinations that you will need for your pool if things get out of hand so make sure that you run your filter as much as you can and keep the basics in place. If you neglect cleaning your pool, you are going to find yourself regretting it in the long run. If you don’t want to clean your pool yourself, just hire someone that will do it for you.

swimming pool maintenance

Having your own pool is going to be a great experience and when you make sure that you keep it clean, you will keep your good times rolling longer and longer. The better you take care of your swimming pool maintenance, the better shot you have at a long swimming season and a long life for your pool.

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