Rain, Rain Go Away!

It has been a very rainy few months for much of the United States!

“Is there anything I should do to my pool after it rains?”

The answer is, yes, and it’s a very common question to our Premier Pools & Spas staff. We encourage you to read on as there are a few things you should check and do to your swimming pool after a heavy rain.Pensacola

Rain Causing Overflow?

If the amount of rain your area received caused your water level to be high over overflow, you can easily remove the excess water by placing your filter into its waster setting mode. Let the waste setting do its thing until you are happy with the pool water’s level.

Pool Chemistry and Rain

Rain water is acidic, so it will naturally lower your pool and spa water’s pH. Remember your pH should not fall below 7.2 or your water can become corrosive and cause damage to your pool’s surfaces and equipment. Pool water with low pH is also uncomfortable for swimmers, and chlorine will expend itself more rapidly.

Rain water can also dilute the chemicals in your pool. It’s not uncommon, when gone untreated, to find your pool suddenly cloudy or with an algae outbreak. It is very important to monitor your pool’s water after, and perhaps during, a rain storm. If your area has simply endured some light showers, this is not really a worry.

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Rain, Your Pool & Wind

If there was windy conditions associated with the rain, chances are: some dirt got into your pristine pool water. Our suggestion is to skim and vacuum the pool. Once it is cleaned up, you can accurately test the water chemistry. You also want to check your chlorine or sanitizer levels. Rain can often introduce pesky contaminants to your water, and your sanitizer will start fighting them off – if the levels are correct. So, check the sanitizer level as well.

Speaking of contaminants: Even if it was not windy, run-off from your deck can also dirty your sparkling pool water.

We are also often asked if it is completely necessary to shock your pool after a heavy rain. While it is not a bad idea, it is not always a necessary step. As always, remember to: drain to normal levels, check the pH and sanitizer levels only after all the rain has concluded.

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Don’t let a little rain stop you! Indoor Pools: 365 Days of Fun!

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