Maintenance blog- Will wearing street clothes affect my swimming pool?

Swimming Pool 1In this maintenance blog we want to make sure you know your swimming pool inside and out. What’s the best thing to do for your swimming pool and what to stray from. A swimming pool is like a baby, you have to take care of it. That’s why we are bringing attention to why wearing your regular clothes in the swimming pool isn’t the best idea. If someone were to push another person in or you jump in out of the blue, that doesn’t really cause a problem. Although if you are the one to always throw a pool party and everyone jumps in with their clothes on it can cause your pools water to become murky and actually could affect the swimming pools drains and filters. Therefore wearing your everyday clothes isn’t the best for your swimming pool and these are the reasons why:

  • Fibers and Strands-

    Our everyday clothes are made from cotton or a cotton textile, such as jean denim. This material frays easily, leaving behind bits and pieces of lint or strands of fabric. As you can imagine this isn’t a big deal if you jump in once or twice, but if you have people constantly jumping into the pool, those strands and fibers that can get caught in the filters start to add up.  

  • Clothing dyes-

    Every piece of fabric worn is colored differently, some hold heavier dyes than others. If you jump into the pool with your clothes on all the time causes those dyes to bleed into the swimming pool which makes your water murky. The next day you might notice the swimming pool is cloudy and the clarity is gone. This is because the

    pool partydyes from our fabric don’t mix well with the pools chlorine.

  • Health issues-

    There are bacteria all over our clothes, whether we know it or not. Bacteria can hold and soak into cotton clothes more so than a swimsuit, due to the material they’re made out of. If someone was sick and jumped into the swimming pool, the virus could spread to other people swimming with you. This is a major health issue, it’s the #1 reason public swimming pools don’t allow people to wear regular clothes in their swimming pools.  

  • Comfort and safety-

    Swimming with your clothes on is a safety risk, our everyday clothes,when wet, cause us to become heavier. It isn’t a very comfortable situation to be in either. We want our customers to be safe and comfortable in and with their swimming pool.  

Reasons to stick with wearing your swimsuit in the swimming pool-  Swim suits are made of either polyester, spandex, or nylon and these materials are made to withstand water and chlorine. Wearing a proper swim suit in the swimming pool can protect you from the germs and viruses that are in pools. With the prevention of possible health issues, swimsuits are also more comfortable to swim in than our regular everyday clothes.  

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