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Dogs in Pools – Should Dogs Be in the Pool?

It is no secret that dogs love swimming. If you have a pool in your Hamptons property, you might be enticed to allow your dog in your outdoor space to have fun. Before doing that though, you should know the risks and maintenance problems associated with dogs in pools to help you be ready for

Pools and your pets- Pets in the pool?

Summer is a time when people are relaxing and cooling down by the pool. If you are fortunate to have a swimming pool in your backyard, then your furry friend most likely loves to spend time with you when you are enjoying the water. Most dogs love hanging out in or around the swimming pool.

Should my dog be swimming in the pool?

Typically dogs love to swim. Some breeds enjoy swimming more than others.  Most swimming pool owners ask us questions regarding dogs and pools. Anywhere from will their fur clog the filter, are the chemicals safe and will their claws scratch the walls. Here are some tips you can enjoy swimming with your dog. Below are