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Build Your Own Fiberglass Spa and Enjoy the Benefits

Nowadays, more than before, busy people are trying to find ways to improve the value of their Las Vegas property and spend time with friend and family. With a fiberglass spa, you can enhance your property's value as well as your loved one's quality time. When you get home, you want to unwind. With the

5 Unusual Tips for your St. Louis Pool

How do you cool on a hot summer day? A dip in the St. Louis pool is the way to go. Making sure that your swimming pool is sparkling clean does not need to be as complicated as you may think. All  swimming pools are different, and so is maintenance. Regardless of whether you depend

How to Create Your Own Halloween Pool Party in Vegas

If you are a Halloween enthusiast, you have most likely been making preparations for this year. (You may be contemplating: “Who might have a pool party on a cold Halloween night?” If you are fortunate enough to have one, or at least reside in a warmer environment and are intending to have a Halloween pool

Pool Parties in Austin

Whether it is relaxing by the swimming pool, soaking up rays in your designer bikinis, and sipping juicy umbrella drinks, Austin is definitely the place to have fun in the sun. So next time you are in the mood for crossing the bridge and getting wet, remember these pool party destinations. Image source

Maine: Closing your pool for the Winter Season

Winter is approaching, and it's time to start thinking about winterizing the pool. The key purpose of winterizing your pool is to protect it from damage due to the possibilities of your swimming pool water freezing over and pipes freezing and potentially cracking. If you close your swimming pool properly it ensures that it will stay

Health benefits of having a spa built in your backyard

Hot water bathing has long been a custom in most civilizations since Roman times. However, most people do not realize that nowadays tubs and spas offer important health benefits. Let us explore how having a spa built in your backyard can be beneficial to your health: 1. Knee pain relief A study done recently has

Do I purchase my pool in spring, in the summer or in the fall?

If you are asking yourself what time of year is perfect for installing  a new swimming pool, many professionals would suggest, fall. The idea would be to wait until its offseason when you can potentially get better rates on labor and materials from builders. It is difficult to argue with that logic, although every season does

Hottest Pool Trends in 2017

A new year brings latest trends for landscape design, interior design, and, of course, pool design. Designing and planning a swimming pool has never been more thrilling since we have surely made great strides from the generic rectangular pool. Over time, swimming pool building and renovating, new pool trends have become more customized and more

Hottest Neighborhoods to Buy a Home & Pool in Phoenix

Victory at Verrado Buckeye district in Phoenix will have a vineyard that is a working vineyard where inhabitants can enjoy wine-making classes and first-crush parties. Forget cookie-cutter, shuffleboard and tapioca homes. Victory is designed to the modern adventurer. Meaning Zumba, cooking classes, wood-fired pizza, Spanish lessons, revolving craft beers and paint nights. Biking and hiking