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Teaching your child to swim in your new pool

Scorching summer season means one thing to many children; swimming! Whether it is your own yard, at the beach, or a friend’s swimming pool, a youngster certainly wants to learn to swim. What if your little one is too much afraid of the water? You can always take time to teach child to swim.

Below are 6 easy ways to teach a child to swim:

teach child to swim

1. Slow down

You do not have to hasten the process of your little one becoming used to swimming in the water. If you begin hurrying the process of learning, that can make children uneasy. When kids become uncomfortable, you also become uncomfortable, and learning will no longer be enjoyable. If you would like your little one to learn how to love swimming, you should maintain a patient, positive, and non-hurried mindset. In the long run, it will save you the time of teaching a child who is afraid to swim.

2. Use the shallow end of the pool

Until your little one is totally over their fear of water, they can enjoy the shallow end. Don’t cajole the child to enter the deep end of the pool. Taking time in the shallows helps build a fun and thrilled mindset about swimming and playing in the water. Once more, this is where patience will come in as the parent. And keep in mind; appreciate these times with your child. They will not forget that you tutored them one of the essential life skills; swimming!
teach child to swim

3. In the start, utilize life jackets.

Using a life jacket on your little one during the swimming lessons builds determination. For certain, the water might appear challenging; however, after your child has learned to splash, play, and enjoy the pool water without sinking,  he/she then can proceed and learn to swim without a life jacket. Following the life jacket, you can try the water wings or inflatable arm bands.  However, don’t hurry the process! You need to do it slowly.

4. Proper breathing should be discussed

Often children want to breathe in when they come up out of the water rather than breathe out. Ensure your child has learned to breathe out first, and then breathe normally.

5. Float first

Once your child is over her anxiety about the water, take out the life jackets and train them the way to float. It is the easiest method and simple to learn. You should not allow your child use any floatation aids like arm floats, padded swimming clothes or life jackets to learn the floating process. If the child learns using such aids, he/she will have a false confidence that might result in them making dangerous swimming decisions.
teach child to swim

6. Practice breath-holding

Any time you start to teach a child to hold her their breath, ensure you never encourage them to hold their breath as long as possible; that is dangerous. Rather, provide them with an easy goal and assist them through it. For example, you can tell them to hold their breath and go under the water for two seconds. Then count to two out-loud so that you will know when 2 seconds is up. When you keep it simple and short it will help children see a target and accomplish a target. It also provides them with added security since they know precisely the length of time to hold their breath. At all times, assure your child they can come up without any reason, even if it is before the time limit. Teach child to swim and enjoy summer together in your new pool built by Premier Pools and Spas!

Teaching your child to swim in your new pool

summer break

Kids on summer break? The swimming Pool is a perfect place to be!

Summertime means hot sunny days full of evening barbeques in the yard, biking, swimming in the pool, skateboarding and rollerblading, and watching beautiful fireworks while relaxing at the beach. But each of these fun activities has dangers; therefore, during summer break we must be mindful to be able to protect those we hold dear.

Below are a few tips on how to enjoy your summer break:

Skateboarding, biking and rollerblading:

Summer days are moments when kids love riding. Using an appropriately sized helmet to protect their heads is important, regardless of the distance they are traveling. In fact, most accidents occur close to home. Kneeguards, elbowguards, and wristguards are recommended when skateboarding or rollerblading.
summer break
image source: pixabay.com

Unwinding at the beach

When you are having fun in the ocean with younger kids, make sure they are near you, even if you are only by the edge. Train your older children about rip currents, which are narrow streams of fast-moving water, running perpendicular to the coast. Should you be caught in one, remain calm, call for assistance and never swim against it as you will only exhaust yourself out by doing so.

Swimming in the pool

Relaxing in the pool on a hot summer day is fun; however, while you are having fun, don’t forget to watch your kids. Do not let a child swim unsupervised, and you should not be far from them when they are near a pool. Mishaps can occur in a blink of an eye, so ensure those in charge of watching kids swim are not disrupted. Always make sure that kids who cannot swim are not wearing inflatable floating devices but certified life jackets, and that there are a phone and rescue devices available near the swimming pool.
summer break
image source: flickr.com
You should be cautious about a child becoming stuck under a huge pool toy, and in case a kid is missing near a swimming pool, always look in the water first. For those who have a swimming pool in the yard, remember to have a fence at least 4-ft. High which has no access points apart from a doorway that stays locked when the swimming pool is not being used.


While everyone loves a mouth-watering grilled hotdog, barbeques pose enormous safety hazards for kids. You should not leave your barbeque unsupervised, and ensure that young kids aren’t anywhere near, even after you have finished cooking. Always keep a spray bottle of water close by, and, preferably, a fire extinguisher. You need to be very careful with self-assembled grills since they are often less sturdy and one can easily knock them over. A commonly ignored risk of barbeques is that metal brushes and bristles used to clean the grates may break off, get into food being prepared, be consumed and result in serious injury. To avoid this, you need to clean your grill using an alternative method.
summer break
image source: flickr.com

Firework displays

These are more fun at the end of a tiring summer day as nighttime nears, however; could be life-changing if not operated with care. Kids should not play with fireworks, firecrackers or rockets since they pose a threat to harm not only the user but also those nearby. Even sparklers, fairly harmless item, get to temperatures that can cause serious injuries. You should not point fireworks in the vicinity of other people. Summer break is an excellent time of our kids’ lives. It is up to the parents to make sure that they not only have a great time during summer, but safety is a top priority.

Kids on summer break? The swimming Pool is a perfect place to be!

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Summer in Austin! Cool summer in Hot Austin,TX

In the sweltering humidity of summer, finding the motivation to leave the reassuring comfort of air conditioning can be hard. Except of course, if you are in Austin, Texas where the exciting events taking place this summer will inspire you to venture outside. This article contains a few things you could do to ensure you have the best summer in Austin.
summer in Austin
Image source: flickr.com

1. Watch the sunset at the Oasis

The OASIS has grown to be one of the largest restaurants in the world and the biggest in Texas. It has both indoor and outdoor seating. Each room is designed with different ambiance and theme to satisfy various tastes. The OASIS has an indoor entertainment area with roof panels on the third floor that are retractable. For private events, several banquet rooms with different themes are available to select from. The OASIS is open from 11:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and 11:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m. on weekends.
summer in Austinx
Image source: flickr.com

2. Relax at Juiceland

Juiceland provides you with fresh and quality juices and smoothies. The service is authentic, fresh and friendly. It has seven locations in town. Head over to any Juiceland and enjoy summer in Austin with a smoothie or juice. Juiceland is open from 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.

3. Swimming and Cliff Jumping at Pace Bend Park

Pace Bend Park is located in central Texas in the basin area of Lake Travis, roughly a 30 minutes drive from downtown Austin. It boasts of a shoreline that is steep and rocky and also offers some breathtaking views of the Hill Country and Lake Travis. The Park is restricted for people above 18 years as it is the only park in Texas, where people have an option of wearing clothes.  
summer in Austin
Image source: flickr.com

4. Take your dog to the dog dark

Barton Springs Road is a popular spot for walking and swimming for people as well as dogs. The park has 10 miles of hiking, walking and biking trails. All dogs must be on a leash not less than 6 feet. The lake has many beaches alongside it for swimming. Enjoy watching bats fly out from the Congress Avenue Bridge at dusk. Picnic tables, playgrounds, and restrooms are available at this park.

5. Visit the LBJ library

The LBJ Presidential Library exhibit includes access to the President’s private phone conversations, an interactive Vietnam War exhibit where you experience the President’s process of making decisions and the chance to participate in the conversation through social media sites. The Library is open every day except New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  
summer in Austin
Image source: en.wikipedia.org

6. Swim in Barton Springs

Barton Springs Pool draws in many people and has in recent years seen multitudes of visitors. The Springs is listed as a federally protected habitat and is residence to the Barton Springs Salamander, which is considered an endangered species. An educational exhibit Splash is located next to the pool where visitors can find out about Barton Springs history. Barton Springs is open every day from 5:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. except on Thursdays when it is closed for cleaning from 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Summer in Austin has never been this fun!

summer in Austin! Cool summer in Hot Austin,TX


Summer Vacation? Keep Your Pool Clear While Away!

Do you have plans for going for summer vacation, and perhaps not sure what to do to your pool while  away? Below are a few tips of how to keep your pool clean while away.

Leave somebody in charge when on summer vacation

It is essential to have a family member or neighbor stop by at least two times a week while you are away, to add several products to the swimming pool to ensure that it stays well maintained during summer. Before leaving, have them come over and show them these few essential things:
  • How to switch on/off the filter system.
  • How to check if the filter requires cleaning or backwashing; show them the way this is done.
  • How to examine the water with your test kit or test strips; show them the proper ranges.
  • Show them where the chemicals are kept.
  • Clarify each chemical and the right dose for each.
  • Show them where pump and skimmer baskets are and show them the way to clean them.

Have your water examined before leaving

Get a sample of your swimming pool water to your local pool store and have it expertly examined. Ensure when you get it examined that you fix any issues before going. You want to ensure that your alkalinity and pH are balanced correctly and your levels of sanitizers are right.
  • pH: 7.4-7.6 ppm
  • Alkalinity: 100-150 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness: 175-225 and 225-275 ppm for plaster swimming pools
  • For Salt Water or Chlorine Swimming Pools: 1-3 ppm
  • For Bromine swimming Pools: 3-5 ppm
  • For Biguanide swimming Pools: 30-50 ppm
  • For Mineral System Swimming Pools: 0-5 ppm of chlorine

Pool covers and solar blankets

Remove your solar blanket from your swimming pool before you leave. It will just heat your swimming pool and decrease the effectiveness of your system and skimmer. Purchase a mesh swimming pool cover for safety and put that cover on the pool before leaving. Getting a safety cover on the swimming pool not only keeps your pool clean but also increases sanitation and filtration.

Secure your swimming pool safety

You can never be too careful with regards to swimming pool safety. It is important to keep barriers around your swimming pool; in case a neighbor’s children attempt to swim in your unsupervised swimming pool you will be pleased you did. Locking the fence can assist in preventing a disaster while you are not around. Make sure you do not leave a solar blanket over the swimming pool; this will reduce skimmer effectiveness and can be a safety risk if somebody falls on top of it. summer

Set your pump timer

If your pump does not have a timer, purchase one. Buying a timer will help you to save time in maintenance year round and money in energy costs. Set your pump to run 8 to12 hours every day. If you do not have a pump timer, it is advisable to have a swimming pool sitter manually switch it on and off or leave the pump continuously running.


Ensure not to switch off the filter system before going for summer vacation. The filtration system must run many hours every day. You can buy an automatic timer, which will run your filter at least 8 hours daily. If you do not have a filter, ensure somebody can keep an eye on the filter and swimming pool while you are away.

Summer Vacation? Keep Your Pool Clear While Away!


Summer Fun Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Do you have a small issue that is getting in the way of your beach dreams? Worried insufficient funds will get you down? No worries! If there is an issue, there is a hack. Discover a solution to your summer fun problems with 6 of our preferred hacks for the pool and beach.

Night swimming with glowsticks

Turn your family’s swimming pool into a classic underwater laser display by tossing in some glowsticks. These are quite affordable and can and are available in many stores. Your children will love you! They will be able to take a dip at night and will have a lot of fun searching for the glowsticks at the bottom of the swimming pool and bring them up to the pool surface. summer fun  

Create a floating cooler and take summer fun to a different level

Do you not detest having to exit the swimming pool to go and get your preferred ice-cold drink? Bid farewell to those days by creating a floating cooler from swimming pool noodles. The idea is easy and only requires a couple of minutes to create. summer fun

Accelerate sand removal

Baby powder is not only for baby’s bums, regardless of what the packaging informs you. True, it may help get rid of some of the foot odor, but it is also a beach bag essential. Preparing to go inside but feel as though your hands are covered in sand-gloves? Shake out a bit of baby powder and use it to remove sand. Not only are you going to be sand-free but you will even be baby-scented.

Become an s’mores expert

Summer fun is not complete without campfires and s’mores. But the worse time comes when you have to wait for your turn with a roasting stick. Using this hack you will make multiple s’mores for everybody at the same time. Purchase a new rake and you are all set. Not only is this an excellent investment for assisting you to make awesome summer fun treats, but you will even be in a position to use the rake as soon as fall hits.

Cool the burn

Aloe gels are good and calming sunburn relief. To enhance upon perfection, place your bottle of aloe into the refrigerator before going to the beach or swimming pool. The cool temperature will increase the relief. Whatever you decide to do, ensure you are using aloe gel, not some moisturizing skincare lotion with aloe. Lotion will only trap the heat from a burn, making longer your pain rather than relieving it. summer fun

Summertime reading bingo

This summer hack is fun for adults and children alike. Help your kids continue reading over the summer by taking part in summer reading bingo. Create a chart with your children and place it in the refrigerator. Give them rewards as incentives once they get a bingo. This hack does not need to be performed with reading only. Try it with anything that you would like your children to work on while they are out of school. Do not worry; you can try this hack even if you do not have children. Pick a habit that you would like to develop over the summer. Make your own bingo boxes and reward yourself every time you get a bingo. For instance, you can have the target to shed some weight before a certain period. One square would be to exercise with a friend and another would be to go an entire day without sugar. This is a more innovative and fun method to accomplish change in your life instead of simply checking off a to-do list.

Summer Fun Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Waterproof Gadgets you cannot go without this summer

Whether you are going to the park down the street, a national park or a water park, this list of important gadgets will allow you to memorialize and make the most of your fun in the sun. Technology and water do not often mix; however, in addition, to liven up your summer fun, these waterproof gadgets are designed to work in water. Put them in the swimming pool on purpose or drop them in the lake unintentionally, it will not matter. Check out these 7 waterproof gadgets that will make you wish to spend more time in the water. waterproof

A Phone Charger That serves as A Flashlight

The last thing you may want to fail on a getaway is your phone battery powering off. We are fond of watching videos and also use Google maps a great deal, which uses up most of our battery. So as to prevent that, you will need The EcoCharge+ that is an easily transportable battery charger, which can also double as a flashlight. This charger is compact and features 150 lumens light on one end and a USB port on the other.

Digital camera

For people who are a bit active but you still need to capture stunning underwater photos, the Nikon COOLPIX S33 is what you may need. This camera takes terrific quality video in 1080p with stereo sound. It is found in white and blue.
Image source: komando.com

Temperature data logger

The USB temperature data logger allows you to record the temperature at anyplace.  It is able to record up to 700,000 such measurements over time, and it is also waterproof.

Floating lantern

If the moon does not give enough light to light up night swims at the pool, then think about getting the long-lasting, Mini Waterproof Lantern. Compact yet bright, this light is also ideal for power outages and camping trips. It also features a hazard light mode, which offers sufficient light to help you fix your car whilst it alerts other motorists of your presence.
Image source: komando.com


This is not your ordinary wristwatch. You can put on the Touch Screen Waterproof Fitness Tracker while you are swimming, record how many calories you burned while swimming, after which you send the information to your tablet or smartphone. It also vibrates to alert you of fitness progress and alarms.

Floating radio

This cute radio is ideal for making pool time more enjoyable for your kids. The MP3 player and speaker ball might not be a good fit for younger kids but the Sharper Image Floating Duck Bath Radio is the latest take on the tub rubber ducky, which lets them enjoy AM and FM stations.
Image source: komando.com

Waterproof bluetooth speaker

Do you enjoy music while swimming? The majority of us do. If you are like the majority of us you have your smartphone plugged into a few speakers and you need to get out to change your tunes or adjusting the volume. In the dark, this may become even challenging as you search for some of the control keys on your devices. With this waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you can actually add your sound system directly into your swimming pool making it easy to access anytime you to change tunes. Furthermore, it has lighting to really give your swimming pool an amazing look when the sun begins to set in the evening.

Waterproof Gadgets you cannot go without this summer