If you want to enjoy your backyard pool in Fresno, there is a great chance you will also get a little sun. Actually, most people prefer to spend a bit of time soaking up the sun rays as well as working on their tan in summer. Obviously, that can become sweaty work! The next thing you think of is jumping in the pool to cool off. This is a great idea, apart from the part where you are continuously moving to and fro between your deck chair and the water. You can always use a lounger or floating pool chair! But you will still be out of the water most of the time, although you can dangle your legs and arms in. Or you can ask your Premier Pools, Fresno pool builder to share with you about the best tanning ledge options to suit your needs.

tanning ledge options

What’s a tanning ledge?

This is an addition to your pool that features an elevated area or platform within the pool water, which is very shallow. A tanning ledge can be anywhere from only a few inches deep to more than one foot. This expansive shelf allows you to sit in the water and not have to float or swim. Families with small kids might use tanning ledge options, though most people place a few lounge chairs on the ledge, in the pool water, instead of using floating lounges in the pool’s deeper areas. You should consult with your pool contractor about the features, depth, and size that will suit your needs. This will help when you are considering tanning ledge options to add to your pool in Fresno.

Tanning Ledge Options to Consider Include:

Tiers or Slope

Tanning ledge options can also be tiered or sloped, leading into the pool’s deeper sections. This is often known as a beach entry style instead of a tanning ledge, although you can use it in the same way.

tanning ledge options

Enclosed Shelf

This is a small, shallow pool where a low wall, similar to an attached hot tub separates it from the rest of the pool. Homes with small kids can use this setup as well. You can prevent children from wandering in no go zones thanks to the wall between your ledge and the rest of your pool. Some pool owners who have enclosed types prefer to incorporate jets or fountains for a stunning focal point.

Open Shelf

You can incorporate some tanning ledge options into the pool itself. For instance, you can add a big step protruding into a part of the pool. It is a good setup for adults looking for a spot to sit in the pool water while they tan. They can easily get into a deeper area of the pool to swim. An open shelf is often big enough to accommodate a few lounge chairs or several people.

tanning ledge options

Call Premier Pools & Spas For Your Backyard Oasis!

Let professionals in at Premier Pools & Spas of Fresno show you all the tanning ledge options to choose from. We’ll be glad to design a custom inground pool to best suit your budget and lifestyle!

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