Perhaps you have looked out in your empty Redding outdoor space and dreamt of a beautiful swimming pool. Imagine a striking tropical scenery that imitates a vacation spot, a warm spa that soothes fatigued muscles, and a gorgeous pool that sparkles in the sun! The pool building process can be daunting. It is a little bit scary to see a huge crater in your outdoor space. But your Premier Pools & Spas of Redding will keep everything moving to ensure that you will be swimming and splashing before you know it.

Pool building

The actual pool building can often be completed within 14 days; however, that time frame can extend or reduce due to numerous conditions. Many areas need construction permits before building an inground pool. There are also more inspections during the process of installation. This can add a bit of time overall, depending on your backyard, how busy the inspectors are and the placement of the swimming pool.

If you’re having your pool builder perform custom work on the swimming pool, like retaining walls or stone decking, you can expect the pool building process to take a bit longer. The main thing to keep in mind is don’t ever hurry this installation as yo will compromise the quality.

Steps we go through during pool building include,

1. Building site survey

Our professionals will schedule a building site survey before beginning the installation. The team will do the survey and assess the plans the pool designer has made for you.

2. Excavation

This is an important part of the pool building process, and it is carried out with extreme care to prevent various issues later in the installation process. Our team will remove tons of dirt from your outdoor space during this process of swimming pool excavation.

Pool building

3. Plumbing

Hydraulic calculations are done to make sure that all the equipment and piping are of the proper size. The plumbing is made specifically for your custom pool project to ensure the water circulates properly.

4. Deck, coping and tile

Our pool designers will provide you with an array of coping, tile and deck options for your swimming pool. After the basic design of the swimming pool, these features will have a major effect on your new pool’s overall feel and look.

5. Interior finish

The final step is working on interior finishes before we start filling your swimming pool with water. This also is another area where Premier Pools & Spas truly stands out; with our own custom interior finishes.

It’s obvious that pool building is an exciting process to look at, but actually having your own outdoor space transformed by Premier Pools & Spas to enjoy is far better than you can imagine! Imagine your loved ones enjoying time together swimming, laughing and making lasting reminiscences.

One of life’s most treasured moments is the ability to invite family and friends over to a barbeque in your backyard kitchen and visit your backyard space. The best setting for living the outdoor lifestyle is having a built-in pool and spa installed. Nowadays, one of the highest priorities for families is outdoor living since they can focus their valuable time on their loved ones and create an enjoyable, safe, healthy, and fun environment to enjoy life.

Pool building

Enjoy Your Backyard Oasis!

If you are looking to improve your quality of living, call Premier Pools & Spas of Redding and allow us to help you construct a beautiful backyard paradise complete with a pool, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, spa, outdoor living, barbecue, or whatever else your heart desires. Life’s too short; make it count with a Premier Pools & Spas backyard!