Are you thrilled to welcome the summer by doing an imposing leap into your pool? I’m certain you are. However, before you can do that, you have to ensure that your swimming pool is all set to meet a new season. Unfortunately, your swimming pool will not be ‘swim-ready’ once you take out the winter covers. As you have most likely expected, opening an inground swimming pool for summer means a lot more than filling it up with water and running the filters. So, what I my supposed to do after opening my pool?

opening my pool

Important things that I may need when opening my pool:

  • a pump for a swimming pool cover
  • a skimmer net
  • a broom
  • a winter cover cleaner
  • a brush to clean floors and walls
  • a start-up chemical kit
  • swimming pool sanitizer
  • a handy helper
  • manual vacuum

Tips of opening my pool:

Take out the covers

Keep in mind that you must remove the winter cover as carefully as possible to prevent dust and debris getting into the swimming pool. In that case, use a swimming pool cover pump to remove the water, which has amassed on top of the cover. After that, you must use a skimmer or a soft broom to get rid of the leaves from the cover.

opening my pool

Take the freezing protection equipment off

This means removing all the inner winter plugs, return/step jets, plugs, ice compensators on skimmers, etc. Remember to replace lines with fittings (eyeball jet or eyeball one), and also change the skimmer baskets.

If you stick to inground pool closing guidelines, you will not need to clean the filter before summer. You may as well invite swimming pool professionals to prepare your pool equipment for a new season and ensure that the water is clean and safe for swimming.

Remove debris

Winter cover protects your inground swimming pool from most of the debris. However, the likelihood that you will need to skim the water, and also vacuum the sand, dirt, algae and small debris particles to clean things up before the swimming pool opening are quite high.

Fill your inground pool up to its normal level of operation.

Your swimming pool will not come out of winter with the best water levels. You will need to fill it up to the needed level.

opening my pool

Start your pump and filter

When all things are pre-checked and broken down parts replaced, prime the pump and start it together with the water filtration system. Watch out for the accumulated pressure and air built up in equipment and plumbing. You must release it beforehand. Furthermore, monitor the swimming pool and its equipment for some time to check if there are any leaks.

Restore the chemical balance of the swimming pool water

Do not throw the chemicals in immediately. Allow the water to circulate the in your inground pool for eight to 12 hours, after that test the pool water for alkalinity and pH.

Set up your pool accessories and deck equipment

Check your pool accessories like diving boards, handrails, ladders, slides, etc., and deck equipment for damage to make sure the swimming pool is safe and set them up securely.

Test run for a day

After introducing the chemicals, allow your inground pool test run for 24 hours or so. If your swimming pool has a water heater, it will perform its job during that time.


Tips to help when opening my pool!

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