Once summer is over most people think the time to build a pool is over, but we’re here to tell you it’s never too late. Fall is still a great time to build a pool, the best even. As 2016 approaches, prices will go up as manufacturers increase their prices. It’s also a slower time of year for most pool builders so typically you can save quite alot and Premier Pools is here to give you the best value for your money!  

Falling leaves

Here are some things to consider when starting your pool construction and streamline the process this fall when selecting a Pool Builder to start your project: 


Pool Design: Asking Premier Pools to take a look at where to place your pool is a big part of preparation. Also deciding what pool design fits your personality best is an important step. The next step to focus on is whether you want your pool to be made out of concrete, vinyl or fiberglass. There are other materials to use when conjuring up a pool of your liking.  

Outdoor Entertainment: While the kids may be swimming and playing pool games, there should be a place for the adults to relax as well. There is always good ways to make a cozy environment outside the pool while watching others play. You can easily make your pool hangout area elaborate but simple at the same time, conversate with your pool contractor for an understanding of what can be built in your price range. You may want to consider Premier Pools extra features for that wow factor, blow your friends away with an amazing pool.  

“You may save money building your pool in the fall” – AngiestList.com

Landscaping:  For both a more simple cozy space and great environmental factors, you could consider a garden. Flowers both look nice and help with the evaporation for the pool, but you also want to pick the flowers that don’t grow long roots and don’t welt their leaves. So you’re not always having to clean up the mess the flowers make in your pool. Celebrity Pools - Drakes Pool

Water Features:  Premier Pools gives a great selection of water features to choose from. From extra water features to fire features. This all gives your pool that wow factor, and blows people away.