Some like it hot, but we like it hot, hot! When you build your swimming pool, think about the cold seasons approaching. It’s time to move the party from your swimming pool to your spa. A bubbling spa is nice anytime of the year, but there’s just something special about kicking back in your spa during the cold Lexington winter. So, for this winter, we suggest you crank up the heat in your spa while keeping these tips in mind:

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Find The Correct Temperature

During the winter season, it’s important that your hot tub have the correct temperature through the day. It’s not cost efficient to heat ice cold water and ensuring that the water has the correct daily temperature will allow you to conserve on energy cost. Check to see if your spa has a Freeze Protect or an Auto Heat system. On most spas, it’s the Auto Heat button you can find on the control box.  This should be turned on as soon as temperatures in Lexington begin to drop to enter that the water in the hot tub and jet piping does not freeze. For spas that do not come with a Freeze Protect or Auto Freeze mode, there is usually a timer feature that you can adjust to protect it from freeze damage.

Once the water in your spa is set to the correct temperature this will encourage proper circulation of water in the pipes as well as accommodate your desires to warm up in the cold.  Bear in mind that the colder it is, both inside and outside, the longer it will take for your spa to warm up.

Turn up the Heat in Lexington with a Spa 1Drain and Clean your Lexington Spa


It is a hassle to clean your spa during the winter be it’s also a must. Try to clean and refill your spa at least once when it’s not too cold yet – mid-December or halfway through the winter season is another great time to clean your spa. When doing this you can save yourself the trouble of having to clean the hot tub for a couple months, when it’s freezing out.

Build a Swimming Pool with an Attached Spa

Premier Pools & Spas is more than capable of building you the backyard of your dreams. Contact us today and we can help you get started with an inground swimming pool design with an attached spa.

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