Underwater Sound Systems: Never miss a beat!

Underwater sound systems and speakers are creating a pulse in residential pool construction. Here’s what you need to know about this emerging trend.

Can we really hear music underwater sound in a swimming pool?

Sure we can.

Sound travels through both air and water. In fact, sound waves move 4.3 times faster underwater than they do through the atmosphere. Whales and dolphins use sound to navigate and communicate in the ocean, and humans employ sonar (sound navigation and ranging) technology to map undersea topography and the movements of both animals and ships. (Source)

In a swimming pool, fast-traveling sound waves leave the underwater speaker and bounce off the bottom of the pool, the surface of the water and each side of the pool. The sound reaches the listener from all directions, and the human brain interestingly enough can’t process the original sound source. Neat huh?


Before You Start Thinking: “This is unnecessary!”

Underwater Sound Systems can be used for providing pool entertainment for lap swimming, relaxation, sound therapy, synchronized swimming and competitive swimming.

Underwater Sound Gets the Party Started


We live in a society where people want their favorite music with them wherever they go and under water is no exception. Underwater speakers are becoming an increasingly popular pool accessory – no longer just for swim teams and spectacular underwater shows, speakers are being used by more and more homeowners in residential pools. Whether for exercise or recreation, underwater speakers add a whole new dimension to swimming.


Underwater Sound Assists in your Exercise Routine

What is it about music that makes the workout seem easier? Music and exercise have been going hand in hand for seemingly forever. It’s played at every sporting event, in every exercise class, even used in team practices for rowing to help the team pull together in unison.

Get Moving!

Music has a pull on us, it takes over our body and gets us to move! Have you ever forgotten your headphones at home when you headed to the gym? Disappointing right? Well, an exercise routine in the pool requires the same type of motivation that your typical gym session does. We inherently have a tendency to move in time to synchronous sounds, essentially our uncanny temptation to tap our foot to the beat of the music.

Underwater Sound Systems: Talk to your Builder

Before you decide on building your pool, talk to your builder about the services that come with building the pool. You may want to know if they have designers on hand to help you plan your underwater sound system with your new pool, if they’ll show you in detail how all of the pool equipment operates, and if they’ll be on hand after the pool is finished to help you with any questions you have about maintaining your pool. We provide all this and more when you choose Premier Pools & Spas!

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