At Premier Pools and Spas we’re proud to be the top builder of Vacaville pools for over 25 years. The Premier Pools and Spas team in Vacaville is our oldest satellite branch. As a result, they have the advantage of decades of firsthand experience at their disposal, which gives them the ability to provide clients with the finest services and build some of the best Vacaville pools.

Vacaville pools

As citizens of the third largest city in Solano County, Premier Pools and Spas understands that sometimes Vacaville residents have to deal with smaller backyards (compared to areas with smaller populations). For this reason, many homeowners think that they simply don’t have the room for a pool, even though they can afford it. As the proud builder of over 1200 Vacaville pools, we can assure you that issues with space can be easily overcome. This is where spools come in!

Vacaville pools

Small pools, or “spools” as they are more affectionately called, are swimming pools that combine design elements of regular sized pools with the efficiency of a smaller frame. The end result is a beautiful spool that is both stunning and can also fit into a small yard or a yard with limited space. Compared to larger Vacaville pools, the only thing that you have to worry about with a spool is the fact that your laps will be shorter when swimming. Your spool will still be ideal for cooling off on a hot day or warming up in the cold.

Vacaville pools

Spools have become staple features in many elegant Vacaville backyards, garnering a lot of the attention from residents who have yet to caught up with the growing trend. Aside from being able to make smaller outdoor spaces appear more inviting, they’re the perfect solution for residents who want a swimming pool that’s not too dominating, so that they can make room for a barbecue area, a heated spa, or a soccer spot for the kids – whatever you like. These Vacaville pools might be smaller in size but that does not mean that their appearance should be any less appealing. If you so desire, you can add stylish water features and colorful pool lighting to your spool to make it even more engaging. A spool should by no means limit your creative freedom or restrict you from adding personality to your backyard. Maintaining smaller pools is also much more affordable and it also allows you to spend more time enjoying the water in your pool instead of cleaning.

We’re The Best Choice For Vacaville Pools

Since first opening in 1988, the Premier Pools and Spas Vacaville branch has been family-owned and operated. Former firefighter, Taylor Mehlhaff, has recently joined his father Dayton, who is the honored leader of the Vacaville team; and Fred Morales, the lead technician. Our Vacaville team is dedicated to supporting the community; therefore they proudly offer free consultations, in addition to affordable design and construction services without sacrificing quality. We’re a local business and so we appreciate everything that Vacaville has to offer. We understand the importance of family and we’re happy to make all Vacaville residents a part of ours!

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