Veronica Hamrock Shared Their Premier Pools Story 1

Customer Name: Veronica Hamrock
Location: Pearland, Texas
Date: 04/12/2018

Pool Designer: Steve Unger

How Has Owning a Pool Changed Your Family’s Life?
We absolutely love our Premier Pool. We have had our pool for almost four years now. It is one of the best decisions that we made for our family and our lives. Owning a pool has really brought a lot of joy to our entire family as well as our friends. We have two teenage boys and our backyard has become the hangout for their friends after a sports event or just because. The best part about having a pool is that it is in our backyard and I do not have to worry about where my boys are in the evening. I know that my boys are safe in my backyard, as I oversee the gatherings when they are with their friends. It is exciting to watch the boys have so much fun in the pool. If the boys are not in the pool they are definitely in the hot tub. While the boys are in the pool my husband and I are relaxing under the cabana. It is so relaxing to hear the water feature. It is a very serene sound and it relaxes us after a long day. My husband and I did not sit in our backyard before we had a pool. It makes a world of difference to hang out by the water. We also enjoy being able to control the pool from our phone using iAqualink. So, if just happen to be out and about and interested in getting in the hot tub when we get home. It is easy to control from our cell phones.
I must also mention that the pool also really helps my husband with his therapy as he has Multiple Sclerosis. He is able to exercise in the pool freely. The pool has been helping him feel better and he does not let MS stop him from all the things that he loves to do. He simply walks or swims in the pool and feels great after his workout. It is very important to me and to the boys that my husband works out so that he does not let MS take over or stop him from feeling great.
On another note, the backyard gatherings are a blast when there is a pool involved. My family loves to come over on weekends and relax and swim. We have just made it a nice habit to have gatherings on the weekends. We even had to buy a bigger grill so that we can make all the poolside food and goodies in a faster amount of time. Whether we are inside the pool or just sitting by the pool we always enjoy that our pool is just a few steps away from our back door. I make it a point to have at least a few pool parties in the summer and invite our family and friends. Our family already knows if they are invited in the summer to come over….they must pack their swim suit. Over a few years I have collected a few extra flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. It is awesome to have extra supplies and we always have everything anyone could need when they are coming over to swim. My guest do not even have to ask where to find supplies anymore. They know just where to find all of the pool supplies and towels. The section for the pool supplies keeps getting bigger but it is a lot of fun to have things to share with everyone.
I am very excited that is is about time that the weather will start to warm up now. This only means one thing…that our family and friends will be coming over more often to hang out by the pool. The great thing is that I at least have the option to warm up the entire pool. I do not hesitate to warm up the entire pool if necessary. I never let the colder weather stop me from jumping in my pool. I can’t stress enough how great it has been to own a premier pool. We love it everyday that I get to enjoy its beauty in my backyard. It is also great that the pool is so easy to clean. My boys always helps me clean the pool as we love for our pool to be very clean and sparkle. My pool has a light blue plaster color to it and I chose this color so that I can always see clear thru the bottom of the pool. If there is anything in the bottom of the pool I make sure I get it out right away. Our IRobot is one of the best things to clean the pool as well. I do not know what I would do without it. It makes life so much easier and our pool always looks beautiful. The pool is always ready for company. The Hamrock pool is definitely and will always be one of the best decisions that we have ever made. We enjoy our pool each and everyday and will continue to do so.

Where Did Premier Pools & Spas Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?
Premier pools exceeded our expectations since day one. This is because when we reached out to Steve Unger about getting a pool. He immediately shared details and pictures without even coming over. He gave us so much information that I was totally impressed. Not to mention that the final quote was right at the budget that we were looking into. The expectations continued to be exceeded as our pool was being built to when the pool was final. Since we have had our pool, I have only made a few phone calls to adjust the lights in the pool. The service to take care of this was very quick and have not had any problems with the lighting since them. I look forward to reaching out if there are any issues because I know that we will be taken care of.
We even referred a few friends to Steve at Premier pool and they absolutely made the same decision that we did and went with premier pools to built their pool.