Popular Vinyl Pool Shapes

If you want a pool that’s easy and affordable to install, consider adding a vinyl inground pool. Vinyl pools are flexible and highly customizable. You can design the perfect pool for your backyard design and size. And it doesn’t take months to builds a vinyl pool. Typically, you can swim in your new vinyl pool in as little as 6-8 weeks.

Many homeowners expect vinyl pools to have a lot of limitations, especially when it comes to vinyl pool shapes. However, there is more than just one shape you can achieve with vinyl. Here are some popular vinyl pool shapes to consider:

vinyl pool shape - freeform

Freeform Vinyl Pool Shapes

You can transform your backyard into a lakeside retreat with freeform pools that come in a range of shapes and sizes. The design contours of these pools merge well with any existing landscape. However, freeform vinyl pool shapes typically require an engineering plan.

Kidney Shaped Pools

This is another popular choice in vinyl pool shapes. Kidney-shaped pools consist of simple curved forms with indentations on the sides. As the name implies, it looks like a kidney bean. Select this design for a contemporary look in your backyard.

Grecian Vinyl Pool Shape

Grecian pools have clipped corners which gives them a unique and stylish appearance. If you are looking to create a Mediterranean retreat in your backyard, consider this design. Grecian pool shapes have beveled corners and fluid lines that can merge with the curves of your backyard. Combine this vinyl pool shape with colorful tile or rustic terra cotta accents.

Oval Vinyl Pool Shape

vinyl pool shape with water feature

When you need plenty of room in your pool, choose an oval vinyl pool shape. With its generous swimming space, an oval pool is an inviting pool design for avid swimmers.

Roman Vinyl Pool Shape

The generous proportions and classic shape of roman pools can be imitated beautifully into vinyl pools. The roman design adds a striking focal point to your entire backyard space. This minimalistic pool shape can add a lot of pizzazz to your garden area.

Rectangular Vinyl Pool Shape

The traditional rectangular vinyl pool remains a favorite for vinyl pool lovers. In fact, a rectangle is the preferred vinyl pool shape. Similarly, an L-shaped pool offers tradition mixed with the opportunity to add a shallow end for children to enjoy.


Custom Vinyl Pool Shape

If you have a shape in mind, talk to your pool builder to see if they can turn your ideas into reality. A custom-shaped vinyl pool can be tailored to your vision, with modular configurations and integrated systems. Whether you want a lap pool or freeform design, a custom-made pool may be the best option for you.

These are some alluring vinyl inground pool shapes and designs that you can choose for your backyard. If you’d like a free estimate on your dream pool, contact Premier today!

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