The days of summer are here and with that, it’s time for your furry friend to play under the sun. Like you, your pet also needs to avoid heat strokes and cool off. What can be better than a small dog pool? With the help of Phoenix pool companies, you can easily build a pool and make your backyard dog-friendly. Depending on the size of your backyard and your design preferences, there are many options to choose from. Here’s how you can build the best type of pool for your canine friend:

Consider the Kind of Dog You Own

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It is a misconception that all breeds of dogs are natural swimmers. Contrary to this belief, some dogs are not at all good at swimming. In fact, they have difficulty staying afloat in the water. Typically, dogs with flat faces or short legs find it difficult to swim. Hence, you should take into account the breed of your dog as an important factor when choosing a dog pool.

Consider the Size of Your Dog

Whether you own a puppy or a full-grown adult canine, consider their size before installation of a pool. For example, if you own a Mastiff or a Great Dane, you may need a larger pool. However, a small kiddie pool will suffice for the breeds like Pomeranian or Poodle.

Consider the Presence of Your Kids Around

Although it is safe to let your kids swim with the dogs in your pool, it needs a lot of caution as well. Dogs not only bring dirt and germs to the water but also dog hair can be a major issue. If you can’t keep the pool water clean enough, it is better not to allow your kids and dog swim together. Cleaning a big pool can be daunting without the help of Phoenix pool companies. So, if you want to cut down the chase, consider a doggy pool that can be easily cleaned after every use. Also, never leave children without supervision in the pool with dogs.

Consider the Right Size of Dog Pool

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Here again, consider your needs to determine the right size of dog pool. If you want a pool in which your dog and kids can play together, you should invest in a larger pool. The right size depends on the space that you can spare for the pool. If you are planning an inground dog pool, think about the right depth as well. Also, consider installing a dog ramp that lets your pet get in and out of pool easily.

Consider the Budget

The budget depends on the type of pool you’re willing to build. Use durable and sturdy materials for building a pool for your furry friend. The best Phoenix pool companies can help you in this selection. The top factors for setting aside a budget are the type of pool, space requirements, and how often you intend to use the pool. If you want the pool for long-term usage, consider an inground pool.

So, if you are a pet owner, consider these points before you hire Phoenix pool companies for installation of a dog pool.