When you are setting up a plan for your new pool in Houston, you may have come across the term vanishing edge swimming pool. If you are confused about what this means, in this article, we are going to go over more about this term as well as how to create an amazing backyard setting that will attract your friends and family for any party you throw.

vanishing edge

Vanishing Edge Swimming Pool

A vanishing edge swimming pool tricks your eyes into thinking that the pool is merging with the backdrop of the pool. Whether this is a mountain, ocean or another setting, it is beautiful. The unique water that flows over the pool’s vanishing edge makes you be able to relax and enjoy with great views.

Other common terms for this pool is infinity pool, disappearing edge pool or a negative edge pool. Whatever you choose to call this pool, it is going to allow you to create your own backyard oasis that is rivaled by nothing. These pools are the ultimate luxury which is why you are going to see them at top resorts.

For a long time, you would only see these swimming pools at the luxury resorts, but now they are more affordable and anyone that put so chooses can have one in their backyard.

Building a Vanishing Edge Pool

vanishing edge

If you are thinking about building a vanishing edge pool, you should know there is additional cost that you are going to have to pay since it is like building two different pools. You have to do this to get the look that you want to achieve with your new pool.

When the pool is installed, it should be done by a professional. The pool walls will need to be at the water level and not above it and this means the need for expert architectural detailing. There must be blueprints that ensure the pool is kept completely flat and still with a steady flow of water spilling over.

The overflow from the one pool goes into the “catch pool” and is also referred to as the surge chamber. It has a small basin that sits below the vanishing edge to collect water and recirculate it back into the main pool structure. To cycle properly, the overflow basin need to have a small reserve of water and this keep the chemistry balanced.

vanishing edge

The Vanishing Edge Illusion

These pools are designed so that the edge and the basin are not visible when you are standing in or around the pool, in front of the pool, above the pool or looking out from a window. It is a great design when you have a non-traditional backyard that has enough square footage past the pool to install the basin. What happens is there is a mirror like surface that is created with this type of edge and they go great with a modern design. You can have your own pool when you call us today so give us a call.

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