If you own a pool, you know how difficult it is to choose the right sanitation system. Both chlorine and saltwater swimming pools come with their own pros and cons. While either of them is good for a hot summer day, you need to make a choice for the season ahead. It depends on your preferences as a pool owner. Here is a comparison between both these options to reduce your dilemma.

saltwater swimming pools

What Are the Benefits of Saltwater?

In saltwater swimming pools, the levels of chlorine are much lower. It means that your skin won’t dry quickly. Also, the smell of chemicals withers away easily after a post-swim shower. A saltwater pool is also a cost-effective option because saltwater generators use chemical electrolysis to reduce chlorine level in the pool.

The generators, initially, are expensive but they are cost-efficient when compared to chemicals that you buy over the years. Most importantly, saltwater pools stay cleaner for a longer time because generators run often to keep them sanitized.

What are the Drawbacks of Saltwater Pools?

As mentioned above, the upfront cost of generators is higher. In addition to this, there are utility costs of running the generators for up to 12 hours every day, especially in the pool season. Furthermore, salt used in these pools can be corrosive and cause harm to pool liners and lights. But, you can avoid these issues by purchasing lights and liners that are specifically designed for the saltwater pools.

saltwater swimming pools

No itchy red eyes in their future.


What Are the Benefits of Chlorine Pools?

The first and foremost benefit of using chlorine in the pool is the cost saving. Right from the outset, these pools require lesser investment than the saltwater swimming pools. You do not need to buy a generator. This results in energy savings over time. In fact, it can be said that money savings is the strongest argument to choose chlorine pools.

What are the Drawbacks of Chlorine Pools?

When compared to saltwater pools, it can be difficult to clean and maintain chlorine pools. With little to no warning, the pH balance of chlorine pools can go wonky. It means that you need more efforts to prevent water from turning green or filters getting clogged with algae.

Apart from these, excessive chlorine can be damaging for your skin and hair. It can dry out the skin and sometimes, cause eye irritation as well. These side effects are basically due to presence of more chemicals in the pool water. Every 1-3 weeks, you need to carry heavy buckets of chlorine tablets to refill the dispensers.

saltwater swimming pools

Which One is a Better Option?

Both chlorine and saltwater pools have their individual advantages and drawbacks. Whatever is your choice, you must make sure to do your homework properly. Basically, both these pools use chlorine as a sanitizer to kill harmful organisms and bacteria in the pool water. Hence, you must also consider the difference between costs to choose the right option.

It is better to rely on an experienced pool building company to guide you through the process for selecting the best option for your pool.


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